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  1. Both reserved. Sorry if I can't reply to each one if u.. overwhelming response.
  2. Flame angel: 6cm, $40, been with me for over a year. Skunk shrimps (pair): $12/pair Collect near GO.
  3. Is pink BN still avail? I Pm'd the first day u posted this ad. If it's sold, at least let me know.
  4. Pat I believe that's a colt coral, a v nice softie.
  5. All sold to friendly reefer Paul! Tks for all yr interest! Mod pse close thread.
  6. Tks for all yr interest. Reserved for first Reefer who offered to take all.
  7. Hi reefers, after a review of my tank, I realise only certain types of corals can grow in it. Others stagnate or deteriorate. Hence I'm letting go of the following cheap. If u find these grow well in yr tank, please consider them. Yuma (green and orange): $20 per rock (bought for $60 and $40). Blue maxima: $30. Pink cyanara : $1. Finger leather: $5. Red mushroom : $5. Xenia (occasionally pulsing): $15. Open brain : $30. Buy all: 20% off.
  8. Sold. Thanks all for interest. Mod pse close tread.
  9. 20-30 polyps on half-golfball size rock $18. Collect near GO.
  10. Fuel: wanna sell? Can pm me. I tried sending u msg but can't get thru.
  11. I sent u whatsapp msg for yr address, bro
  12. Oops sorry, the size is indicated. Show us picture of the system.
  13. Your polyp extension is out of this world, man! Truly impressive. What is your secret? How big is the set-up?
  14. Testes fresh batch of newly mixed water: kH 8; Ca 420. Guess my tank is somehow consuming lots of Ca.
  15. Try selling to Underwater World or RWS bro. Hobbyists unlikely to have big enough tank for it.
  16. Black tip can grow up to 5'. So u need at least a 1,000-gallon tank, with good filtration. Sharks need pristine water.
  17. AM for its best display tanks, and Iwarna for friendly service.
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