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  1. Someone told me shld invest in Halo kit (not sure of spelling). Says it comes with electronic reader. Opinions? Cost??
  2. Let me test a new batch of freshly mixed water. If still low, then maybe something wrong with test kits.
  3. I've not tested for Mg level. I used the calculator and it suggests quite a high volume of additive.
  4. Hi folks, am using API test kit and found that my tank's kH and Ca levels are a bit low (7 and 390). Even right after dosing Aquapharm Seabalance A and B, levels remain unchanged. Anyone can help?
  5. Clams are easy to keep if u keep calcium level high, light intensity high, a secure spot where they won't fall over,and away from predators and strong direct currents.
  6. Ok I've started testing. Seems my Alk and Ca were below ideal levels. Cld be because my tank has lots and lots of coraline algae.
  7. Read old post before this on Lighting Level. MH found to be superior.
  8. Besides having a somewhat unnatural rendition, LED can be temperamental. I hv heard of failures within a year. And very little study has been done on rate of degradation. For instance we know we need to change T5 and MH after 3,000-5,000hrs because outputs dip after that. But what about an LED driver - how often do we need to change to maintain same level of output?
  9. MH has been around a long time. Even before T5s. Simple research will tell u how much wattage u need. otherwise, T5 is good alternative. but I personally find LED too artificial... the same as the new LED TVs... everything appears like CGI.
  10. I am not sure. There may be some efficiency loss. why buy a 150w set and run it at less than its full potential though? Also with MH, u replace one or two bulbs every 5,000 hrs or so, compared with 8 T5 tubes every 3,000 hrs. So MH much cheaper in long run. I don't know the replacement cost of LEDs, but the drivers can't be cheap. I think they are also not as robust as MH or T5 on the whole.
  11. That's one misconception. A 150w set of LEDs will consume the same power as a 150w MH set.
  12. U might wanna consider MH for Long-term cost efficiency. Watt for watt, MH gives more bang. Heat issue is overdone... Place it 30cm above water and it's fine. Get the most natural look, with shimmer like sunlight on reef.
  13. Actually, the lumen degradation is very slight. After 20,000hrs, still at 95% output efficiency. You can refer to http://t5lightingusa.com/t5-lighting-benefits/ for better illustration (see the graphs).
  14. Brings up reports of coral bleaching brought about by global warming. Guess it has to do with temporary stress or permanent stress. Global warming us the latter. Also other parameters may be influenced by rising temperature, like planting concentration, dissolved oxygen level, etc.
  15. I had the same observations when I was in Maldives two weeks ago. But in wild, temperature fluctuates throughout the day, and according to tidal flow. Fish and corals can adapt because other conditions are optimum. But in tank, which is just a tiny representation of nature, the smallest amount of stress can be detrimental.
  16. Hi reefers, I am planning a new tank, and was wondering about a design that would make WC easy. My idea is to have a drainage pipe at centre of bottom glass, and fit a pipe with ball valve. Above, place an egg crate, plastic sieve and topped off with No 3 sand. Over time, dirt will collect below egg crate via gravity. By opening valve, I will be able to change water and remove mulm. Will this work? I need to find method that will not aggravate my bad back. Thanks in advance.
  17. When I was snorkeling in Maldives, I did not see any fish nipping on SPS. Triggers, butterflies, Moorish, large angels and even parrots - none even pecked once on the vast growth of SPS. Of course surgeons didn't either. They seem to eat sponges, algae and mollusks around though.
  18. I just Google. It's a 10-step test!!!! Not worth for a trace element that shld be sufficiently replenished via WC. We're reefers, not chemists.
  19. Tks for feedback reefers. Consensus seems to be that benefits may not be worth the cost. I found the comment on strontium deficiency interesting: is there a strontium test kit out there?
  20. How much for nano fish. And where can I view?
  21. I see. Tks. And it's a costly system yes? How much?
  22. Hi everyone. Just posted a query on Triton before I came across this thread. So is everyone happy with the system? Really no need to change water? What is the $$$ outlay?
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