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  1. Thanks for referring to SY Leng's site. I am cautious when it comes to sites which are corporate-sponsored. I prefer to seek first-hand experience of local reefers. So if there are members out there who have had long-term success with MM, would appreciate if you could share your experience. Or better still, have an Open House. I'll bring beer!
  2. Hi all, really interesting stuff you guys shared. But has anyone acheved LONG-TERM success with Miracle Mud method? That is, more than 5years, with good and sustained coral growth and w/o skimmer? That would be a damn interesting case study.
  3. Hi fellow hobbyists, has anyone had positive experience with PolyFilter? Read so much about it, and want to replace carbon in my filter box with it. Any first-hand advice? Thanks!
  4. yup... chemical warfare seems most probable cause. btw, do clams engage in chemical warfare too? anyone knows?
  5. No - nothing has changed. One day doing well, the next, melting.
  6. Hi folks, my colony of purple mushroom just disintegrated into a jelly overnight. No warning. Other colonies of mushroom and the rest of the tank unaffected. Anyone experienced this before? What's the cause?
  7. Found some Bali specimens at Iwarna, $15/piece. Green tentacles - very pretty.
  8. can i come browse? where's yr place? can pm me?
  9. great job! i did not know there're photosynthetic types. how do you tell the diff? one question: why does it appear purplish in the original photo and brownish in the latest? wat'r yr tank parameters?
  10. BTA, like all inverts, need strong lighting to maintain colour. Also, water temperature should ideally not exceed 28 degrees C... As for feeding, once a week is more than enough.
  11. mystery solved: it's the high temperature. causes bleaching in some of the more sensitive inverts. hv added additional fan. can't use chiller coz no space in the cabinet.
  12. Hi, may i know what they were used for previously? How big are they?
  13. T5's 24wx4 for 60litres. clams are doing well, so i dont think it's a light issue. anyway, hv moved the mushies to brighter corner.
  14. Thanks... I thought mushrooms need only moderate lighting...
  15. Hi, does anyone know where to find these, esp the neo green leather and colt? Most LFS stock only the common varities... http://www.aquacon.com/softcoral.html Also, one question: why does my purple/blue mushrooms lose colour and turn translucent? They still open up, though. Many tks.
  16. lumi GSP is obvious to naked eye under normal lighting.
  17. Dosing: I do 20% water change weekly. You think water is lacking in iodine and trace? In that case, I might stop using activated carbon. Lighting: I use 4 HO T5's (two whites, two blues) for 60 litre tank. Too bright? Too dim? The neon GSP still holding out, but the "normal" GSP losing colour. My xenia (specie with a thick stalk) ain't doing well either. But the "normal" xenia (polyp type) doing well. Funny.
  18. I know green star polyps are among the easiest softies to keep, but mine are losing colour. Any idea how to reverse this, anyone?
  19. thanks bros! will stick to water changes for now and keep you posted on progress. might also incorporate chaeto algae in HOB.
  20. Thanks for comments. Saw a v nice tank set at Ah Beng's. Square 1.5'x1.5'x1.5' - what i like most is the cylindrical overflow unit, which takes in water from the surface as well as the bottom. And it incorporates the outflow too. Rare to see such a neat design.
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