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  1. Hello people, have been running a 60-litre long reef for past month with mechanical and chemical (carbon) filtration. Tank has lots of live rock and live sand. I change 20% of water each week. So far, livestock quite ok. Just wondering if I can do without a skimmer in the long run. Any thoughts? Anyone has a successful reef tank w/o skimmer?
  2. hi folks, anyone has the Remora skimmer in good condition and wants to let go? Or any similar HOB skimmer?
  3. hi folks, does anyone know if there is a HOB filter that is big enough to accommodate a Tunze 9200 skimmer?
  4. anyone got, can pm me? tks. with pics please....
  5. thanks manta ray. but those wrasses sleep in sand ya? i try to avoid that, as my sand is very very fine - there will be terrible sandstorm each time they sleep and awake...
  6. GO's display tank speaks volumes. It uses artificial rock. Without sounding condescending, I think the outcome is horribly sub-standard. We are trying to replicate a piece of nature. Hence it stands to reason we should use as much natural materials as possible. btw, bristle worms are ugly and nasty to the touch, but they are actually relatively harmless to a healthy reef.
  7. Protein skimmer? How will that improve the situation? I thought protein skimmer only removes liquid waste.
  8. yup i guess. the one "downside" of nano tank i suppose - u see everythng close up, incl dirt!!!
  9. Hi folks, my 60-litre nano has one wavemaker, and two hang-on filters (one chemical, one mechanical). My rocks are always covered with a thin layer of fine dust/detritus. I brush it off, but it returns within a day or two. My wavemaker is pointed upwards, at a 65-degree angle. It is 3-4 inches from the sand. Appreciate some advice.
  10. Thanks all. Court Jester Goby - what an apt name! Yup, i now see it grazing on rocks too. Beautiful fish - and useful too.
  11. hi folks, bought this cutie - a goby-like fella who sifts the sand for food. can't seem to find literature on it tho'... anyone can help?
  12. Hi folks. I see some LFS always having one or more copperband butterflies in tanks stocking zoas. I figure this is because copperbands eat certain type of organisms that infest zoa colonies. Does anyone know if copperbands will eat nudibranches? Safe to keep these butterflies in mini reef tank? many tks!
  13. anyone has healthy soft colt coral to let go? photos appreciated.
  14. Yah I heard abt Henry's pellet-feeding mandarin. But when he offered to demonstrate to me one day, the fish totally ignored the pellets. So I have my doubts. It is possible to train difficult fish like copperband butterfly to eat dry food, but mandrins? At best, they will accept frozen food. I will have to see to believe.
  15. help! i am having an outbreak of zoanthid-eating nudibranchs!!!! will freshwater dips be effective? if so, how long? or are there any fish/shrimp out there that will devour these pests?????
  16. hi anyone with an Ice Probe that is in good working condition and wanting to let go?
  17. nice. when and where can i view? and what are you asking for it (i may not take the whole strip, as mine is a 60-litre nano).
  18. any bro want to cull/trim the above. will be glad to buy some. but must be NEON GREEN.
  19. hi whq, poomoon: am also considering Ice Probe for my 60-litre T5-lit tank. so far so good with your experience?
  20. Hi Rogerwee and other reef-bros! I am a born-again reefer (having returned after 15-year absence). I have started a 60-litre tank with soft inverts. Two HOB filters, one Tunze wavemaker, four-tube T5's (3 whites; one super-blue). I have one fan going, but the high evaporation rate and dirt that gets blown into the water bother me. Hence I am looking at installing a chiller. Ideally, I would like an electronic chiller (non-compressor) with strong cooling power. But there seems to be none. I was wondering how Rogerwee (or/and other reef-bros) find the Teco Micro Chiller. I can't find this model on the Teco webpage. Secondly, I am already facing an old problem: crabs. I think there are at least 8 in the tank. What is the best way to get rid of these pests, w/o stripping down the tank? Sorry for long message.
  21. hi bros! anyone used other types of electronic (non-compressor) chillers besides ICE PROBE? good or bad experience, pse share. appreciate your time - thanks.
  22. Found out hard way that Caribbean live sand should be rinsed (in seawater) before use. It contains a lot of fine sediment that stays suspended for a long, long time.

  23. Hi bro, i bought a 4-tube T5 set(24w 12,000K x 4) for my 2ft tank. Is that sufficient?

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    2. christan1959


      Tnx bro for reply. How many tube/s shld I switch to Actinic? And which Actinic are best? Sorry so many questions.

    3. zoa farmer

      zoa farmer

      2 blues...or 3. depends on you. i prefer 3 blue one white

    4. christan1959


      Thanks bro. I will probably go for 2White + 2Blue. See how it goes. Perhaps I will add an LED pendant to create shimmering effect. Can get pretty inexpensive high-intensity ones from major lighting distributors.

  24. Hi bro, i bought a 4-tube T5 set(24w 12,000K x 4) for my 2ft tank. Is that sufficient? How many of the white tubes should I convert to Actinic? And which type/brand of Actinic do you recommend? Kamsiah.
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