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  1. Nice set-up. Like the all glass parts (inspired by Amano Nature Aquarium no doubt. I am in the process of setting up a nano too - the last one cracked (too old a tank anyway). After searching and much internal debate, I think I will go for T5 lighting - cheap and good. LED way too expensive for me, and I find the spectrum just a little odd (to my eye anyway). And MH just consumes too much energy and gives off too much heat. I've gone for a 50cmx30cmx40cm (tall) tank. Main reason for tallness is I like to keep colt coral - they really add movement to the tank. And they tend to grow upwards. I lost the male of my hybrid clown pair recently too. Now dunno what to do - can't simply buy replacement right?
  2. Hi bro, can tell me where is good place with good variety of quality LEDs? I was at Reef Central last weekend, but they had limited range for nano tanks. Am looking for 3-watt/bulb (or higher) clip-on or standing sets.
  3. hi bro, am keen to get some of the blue star polyps u hv. where did u get them? cost? easy to keep? many thanks!
  4. Hope this is not too late, but if I were you, I'd leave the anaemone where it is. It is rare for one to stick permanently to one spot. Most hobbyists have problem with migrating anaemones. Forcing one that is so entrenched could injure or kill it. As for chemical warfare, may be best to move the other invert.
  5. Hi Tang, how did you manage to get them to open after all this while? Just started a nano tank after a 15-year absence from the reef hobby. Bought some purple mushroom and they are not opening. Red (rusty) ones are opening more. Do you think it's because they take a long, long time to settle down in new environment?
  6. thanks for input, guys. i think the low pH is because of the CO2 absorption (since pure water is a powerful solvent, and the bottling plant may use CO2 as a preservative or something). in small amounts, it shld neutralise fairly quickly in a reef set-up (which is naturally buffered). am weighing the pros and cons of using bottled distilled water (environmentally unfriendly becoz of all the plastic bottles), and paying for a RO unit which is also environmentally unfriendly (lots of water wasted), or a DI unit which works out to abt 6-10 cts per litre of treated water. Also, dunno where i can install the (somewhat) bulky treatment units. headache.
  7. oops, i read from another hobbyist forum that Life brand distilled water has v low pH (around 6). does this acidity detrimental to reef environment over time?
  8. Saw pics of your tank in gallery. Wow! Very impressive. Didn't know SPS could be so dramatic! I was quite successful in keeping soft corals and large polyp corals, but never ventured beyond.
  9. Thanks man. Will any brand do, or do you have a preferred brand?
  10. Thanks much! Will check it out. Product specs do not state how many litres it can treat before replacement.
  11. Sorry, what's Crystal Pro? Tried googling but no luck.
  12. Thanks Wilson! First question as a born again reefer: Is it safe to use bottled distilled drinking water (sold at Watsons and other outlets) as top-up water? Are these waters really "distilled"? If not, where can I buy distilled/RO water? Am trying to resist installing an RO unit.
  13. Hello everyone! I have just started a nano marine tank with intention of building a small reef community. It is my first marine set-up after more than 15 years absence. Got more time now that the kids are bigger. Noticed a few things since returning to the hobby: - The hobby has advanced a lot, and there are many shops offering lots of convenience such as prepacked water (natural or salt mix), prepared top-up water, etc. - Livestock a lot more expensive than 15 years ago. Shocked at some prices, really. - Reef hobbyist community very big and vibrant (such as this one). - Lots more choices of inverts, with some really colorful and outrageous ones. I am threading carefully, and don't want to spend too much. So far, my hardware is quite low-cost (converted from freshwater set-up) + a few inexpensive equipment. Live rocks have been cycling in natural sea water for more than one week now, and I can see lots of micro shrimps swimming about. If anyone wants to give up or sell off excess inverts, please contact me. Thanks and Happy New Year!
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