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  1. Hi, thanks for all the interest. Got quite a few enquiries and will reply only if available. Thanks.
  2. 1 for $30 or 2 for $50. Take all for $60. They are on their own rock so it’s mobile. Pls Pm.
  3. Hi, fire cloves still available? Thanks
  4. Glue still available?

  5. Reserved. those I did not reply means it's taken. Thanks.
  6. Foc green pipe organ and tiny brittle stars. Some tangled with macro algae but can be removed. Collection Sengkang by today. PM thanks.
  7. Good sharing on the need to be careful in reefing. Deserve to win something.
  8. Looking for small frogspawn or octo. Thanks.
  9. Any reefer who has forest fire cloves (not golden cloves), pls pm. Thanks.
  10. Hi, wtb bubble coral. The whitish Color type. Pls pm with picture n price. Thks.
  11. Lights sold. Pipe organ colony given to reefer Powder Tang. For those who want frags, please contact her. Thanks.
  12. Reefers Par led light 3w x 4 pieces, with 2 holders. Some are 7 led bulbs per piece, others less. Comes with 3 pin plugs, used only a few months. Can grow simple sps. Will add in a green pipe organ colony. Pipe organ was grown from a frag plug so very easy to move. All for $50 only. Thanks
  13. Pls pm with pictures n price. Thks.
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