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  2. Hi Salted Fish, Yes.. next week service, we will place some Tube worm for him... Octopus Bay
  3. Hi Salted Fish, Yes, that "Mr. Ricardo" 3ft tank with Fake coral.. I hand carry back from USA. Octopus Bay - Dean
  4. ya... just need to do some brushing...
  5. very simple set up... EZ to maintain... only fishes (no live coral)
  6. Hi... 3Ft Tank belong to my friend.. Who fix up the colorful "Coral" from USA. U dont have to feed the coral, NO CITIES Required, no strong light and no chiller required... Octopus Bay
  7. Hi....Erictck, What is your budget for 250W MH light Set. We have offer complete set with build in Fan, External Ballast/ Box and Bulb - BRAND NEW set @ $499 http://www.sgreefclub.com/forum/index.php?...pic=11498&st=75 Octopus Bay
  8. Hi Aziz, No picture... I post for a friend. You can SMS the onwer.... Octopus BAY
  9. Hi.. Posting for a friend: UV Light 2 months OLD... U can contact onwer direct: 96758900 Gerald (SMS prefered) Octopus Bay
  10. any brand of skimmer but... shorter then Weipro 2011
  11. Hi, Helping a customer to change his skimmer to Weipro 2012 to 2011, as his 2012 is to tall for his cabinet. Kindly PM me... Octopus Bay
  12. Hi Eric, We will priority to our customer (Marine sources skimmer users), then our stock. Will see if balance stock or arrange a shipment needlewheel impellers to sell. We appreciate your understanding for the above. Octopus BAY
  13. Hi Marine Sources Turbo Skimmer User, The Spindle Wheel impeller shipment is delay due to the Labour Day holiday in China (they closed for 1 week). We will keep you people update of this parts shipment. Octopus Bay This a actual products:
  14. Yes... Coral and Clams is very expensive is Canada and Europe too.
  15. usually we test before sales and tell customer the different between OLD and NEW resun chiller and how to take care of this chiller. again.... Octopus BAY
  16. the "CL" series does not have 1/2 or 1HP.... "CL Series" biggest is 1/4 which is CL650 hahahahaha why are we discuss about RESUN chiller here??? Octopus BAY
  17. hi, so far we have not received any negative feedback for the new batch chiller from our customer. user are happy of the new silent Resun. Octopus Bay
  18. Hello People, Is the same to use TODAY's Active Topics.. Today's Active topics Octopus Bay
  19. u people talking about RESUN Chiller... Hi... The NEW BATCH Resun Chiller CL650 & CL450 have improved and upgrade on the fan/parts and now running VERY silent. They have upgrade and improved after so many complained and feedback from the customer all over the world on the noise machine. Sure you can in peace Octopus BAY
  20. Salted Fish, Last week SCWD shipment arrived, but all taken by my customer (LFS) from Malaysia? I try to get for you. I have also ordered 20pcs. Octopus BAY
  21. Moomoofish, U MIA? How is ARMY life ??? how is your tank??? Octopus BAY
  22. Hi xfusion, Thanks to your thumbs and toe ups.... Octopus BAY
  23. Salted Fish, THANKS Customer service & customer feedback is very important.... Like RESUN Chiller, used to be very noisy. After customer feedback, RESUN have improved & upgrade. Now RESUN is running silent and is selling so well.... Just call Hong Kong, Result: Marine Sources Turbo Skimmer running with Spindle Wheel impeller is very very good (collecting more foam). Now improved on the wheel and send it over next week. Already more enquiries about Marine Sources Turbo Skimmer running with Spindle Wheel impeller Octopus BAY
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