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  1. Giving away a yellow foxface. About 8-10 cm. Please bring own bags or container. Collect on 21 Feb Sunday. 1030am to 12pm or 330pm to 5pm. PM me to arrange. Thanks .
  2. Yes kenyee,I wish I could dive but my wife is not keen haha. Diving would be great at Maldives. Whale sharks frequent South Ari Atoll.
  3. Ok guys/gals....that's all for now. Thanks for viewing.
  4. Hi all, just sharing some snorkeling photos at Maldives Biyadhoo Island Resort house reef. Underwater photos were taken with a simple Fuji XP200 waterproof digital camera. And I am doing such photography for the first time....so pardon for the quality if it's not up to mark .
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