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  1. Heres mine.. 3 days on... born 8th Mar 7of them initially...now left 6
  2. Fwah boss.. u roaring biz also ...hahaha
  3. New Book not opened yet, w book wrapping. Selling at $90 (Kino selling at 108) Interested let me know. igloo Corals' Ark
  4. No bio teacher.. sigh.. learn on own.. Then again.. better to be safe and sorry.. I recently had wounds on my knuckles.. and i brushed by a frogspawn.. Hurts like mad, i was holding onto something and i cldnt let go.. din know that there will be such a strong reaction.. anybody w similar experience?
  5. Actually i more worried abt the fish... hahah just joking..
  6. When body is exposed to antigens ( bacteria or something) the body produce anti bodies to resist these antigens and hopefully kill them. If it is the first time ur body is exposed to this antigens, ur body will have a reaction due to this 'invasion' ie u experience fever. Subsequently, ur body remembers the experience w dealing this antigen and will produce and store specific antibodies and kill these antigens the next time u are exposed to it. Hope it helps
  7. Keong Seong... where exactly is that? if that is the case.. i might check it out.. but i think the order is on the way.. kino? i tried looking.. din see it.. but i try again..thanks bro appreciate it..
  8. Just to add.. think Octupus bay's stuff is cool.. using them myself... recommended a few of my customer to them too! hope they mentioned..anyway.. Thumbs up!!
  9. Sure thing tidur.. like i said.. this is the good side of things.. i get to know where are my bad points.. for the rest of like my services Thank You ( its hard juggling studies and work phew...).. but i assure that my crew is working very hard to satsify as best we can.. Even as we speak i have ordered Aquarium Corals by Eric H. Borneman, 2x Oceanograhic series -- invertebrates and corals by Julian Spring Natural Reef Aquariums by John H.tullock by Fed Exp from the States and it should be arriving in the next few days.. hope u be paitent w me for a while. As for all my screws up so far.. i seek for forgiveness.. no excuses. Will try to buck up on this aspect.. In the meantime pls bear w me.
  10. Personally.. i dun think there is anything wrong w discussing abt us.. myself as a sponsor.. its impt to know feedback abt us and things like that.. many a times we pissed pple off without knowing and the worst outcome is that they walk away never to return again.. profit is impt.. so it frenship.. trying to seek a balance is the ultimate goal... suppose we see someone who complaints abt us.. and one day he pops up at my forum asking for price.. at least then i know i did something right.. the matter of fact is.. most of the time.. u dun even know when u do something wrong cause they just walk away. Last thing i need is someone who thinks that he has more right than u cause he is paying for his time. my own opinion.. does not represent other sponsors' view
  11. hi guys.. sori to interrupt.. but I am from Coral's Ark. I have on hand.. Blue, powder blue, powder grey and purple.. no yellows though.. anybody interested pls PM me..
  12. I only on my MH for 8 hours... the rest of the day are taken over by actinic blue tubes...
  13. I always had that problem when i maintain my canisters.. Just tilt the canister at an angle so that the air can be channelled to the outlet. Hope it helps.
  14. Nope...but i love to see?
  15. at least half a year... If i can remember properly..
  16. I had 4 ... No prob keeping them together Gave two to my friends... left with 2.. just separated them in my quarantine tank loh.. Regards
  17. Sorry for the late reply... just came back Pic of the Tang.. cant really get a clear shot of it as it is always swimming around... Regards
  18. Dear all.. Forgot about my yellow Tangs.. Wish to find them new owners Going for 25 dollars each.. I have two with me..(gave two others to my friend liao) About 2.5 inch to 3 inches each. On top of it, My previous pic 2 and 5 still available. Price negotiable if buy all. Interested pls call 91477313. (Am out with my friend forgot to bring HP)hehe.. Thanks
  19. As of now, Pic 2 and 5 still available. interested parties pls PM me.. thanks
  20. haha.. oh well.. that i can give to my good friend then... his tank is coming up.. Anyway... am selling these corals at the retail prices that i bought. Other corals that i am selling subsequently should be cheaper.. at least i hope..
  21. I also dont know leh... think i got conned... bought this when i was quite gullible then.. haiz...
  22. hmm... bubble coral is about 3.5 inch.... approximate... didnt put the ruler inside to measure.. I live in Eunos.
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