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  1. How shiok it is to see zoas use to be this pricing.. Now? No comments but sighhhh
  2. Life Distilled Water. Order from ntuc website.. They send to u. and yes u can run a pump through a DI unit in a cycle but bare in mind DI resin will get exhausted pretty fast.
  3. Looking for these FR IM Minimax AIO Reactor (Desktop) TLF Phosban 150 H2Ocean FR PM me if u have these for sale.
  4. WTS Brand New Refractometer with Auto Tempreature Compansate. Just bought today (invoice available) didnt touch water at all. Selling at $50, my lost your gain. Collection at West. PM or sms/ws me at 820074sevenzero
  5. Due to high response.. No rservation.. Fcfs.. Reservation need deposit. Item can only be collected after friday..
  6. Selling My AI Prime (Black) with Tank Mount (Black) @ $220 (Around 4 months old with invoice). Reason Upgrading. Retail Brand New $380 (Fixture 320, Mount 60). Do PM me if interested.. Collection anywhere between Jurong East MRT to Joo Koon MRT
  7. mb7 is bacteria, biofuel = carbon dosing.. This two elements is needed if u have high nitrates and po4. Bactrial dosing alone is minimal
  8. Anyone have cheato to sell? Willing to buy some.. Preferred Jurong Area. Pm me u detail and i will reply asap.
  9. nah its okay.. Already achive low nutrient.. Found out it was just diatoms.. Dosing biodigest and bioptim works great. I seldom have to clean my glass.. Whenever i do, i only see pods swiming off.
  10. auto top off use float switch, a pump and a bucket of ro/di water. When water evaporates, salt is left behind. Auto top off is needed to maintain a stable salinity in reef tanks. AI prime is already ready to be controlled. It need to connect to a pc or an app (ios/android)
  11. Hi selling on behalf of a friend. Innovative Marine Ghost Protien Skimmer (Desktop) great for nano tanks rated for 20 gallons. Used slightly around 5-6 months. Collection will be around Yishun Area Selling @ $100 Do pm me for contact and futher details
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