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  1. Tub found.Really appreciate so many bros for the kind offer.I will be back some day
  2. Hi all,anyone staying north area gt unwanted 20kg or 25kg salt tub or pail to spare or give away?Please SMS at 9046 5197 if have 1 to spare.Greatly appreciate.
  3. Hi all,my friend gt too much live rocks so he is looking to use it to trade for corals or frags.plz what apps 91913280 for more discussion.Thank you
  4. Hi guys,manage to dig out 1last small golden clove frag.letting go at $10 collection at yishun.sms at 90465197.
  5. Tank reserved left skimmer only.Plz support lai my last item n i am a freed man lol
  6. Thanks Bro for the comment.Chiller n fr sold.Left tank n skimmer
  7. Hi all,time to sell off my tank n equipment. 3x2x2 cabinet sump from (Cr aquarium) with Waveline dc5000 return pump $200(pump is 4months old n it cost $170)TAnk 3years old plus,condition 7-8/10 hinges need to change as rust.Basically plug n play n the piping can be unscrew so dismantle time easy. Skimz161 skimmer.bought on December 2013 from aquamarine 6months old at $200.(bought $410) Hailea hc-300 chiller. $50 only still working fine for my 3x2x2 tank. Dd fl-3000 pump with 2 fr -$50 Collection at yishun interested SMS at 90465197.
  8. Upz.price nego.wanna clear fast make me an offer if interested
  9. Hi all letting go 1 2" blue tang at $15,collection at yishun SMS at 90465197.Those stay near wanna collect nw also can.WC fever nw
  10. Hi all i am letting go delighting 3ft fixture with 2ati tube at $30 only.Condition 6/10 but ati tube changed 4months n seldom on the fixture also for the past few months.Collection at yishun.Sms at 90465197
  11. Hi all,first of all many thanks to dear reefers who supported and help me clear all my corals within 3days of posting.I am clearing my live rocks about 20plus to 30kg.Its make up of gd shape rocks.Pic shown is the base n scaping for my 3ft tank without corals.its with coralline algae too.Btw Rocks are stack against each other firmly,no glue or eupoxy used. All to go at $100 interested plz SMS at 90465197 collection at yishun.
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