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  1. Nicolas

    Some Product Sheets

    Just as an Information as long as the catalogue s not finished. Any questions appriciated. Nicolas
  2. Congratulation first, it is the right choice if you are searching for a hobby what brings you to the max and offers that much of adrenalin kicked moments with it's full potential to relax and enjoy. Hope that was not to much but I was wrack diving to an 130 year Old wrack in Switzerland on the weekend. Wicked! Just a quick note, try try try.... You will need probably your time before you find the right Buddy... And instructor. All the best for this and I joy it with every breath. Best regards Nicolas
  3. This is exactly how it is. I absolute agree with you. If you Never See what a propper LED fixture can do with all his possibilities and Some Crazy Colors like UV/Violet 390-420 nm, which can be a Reason why a Montipora Change his Color, you wont be able to be a part of this discussion. Best regards Nicolas
  4. Hello All, My Name is Nicolas from Vertex Aquaristik Germany and i like to offer any assistance with questions about our products. Feel free to contact me. Best regards Nicolas
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