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  1. SEA LIFE Aquarium @ Bukit Merah / Tiong Bahru stock updates Posting for-your-info. https://www.facebook.com/sealife.sg/
  2. Why is there a pic of an algae blenny lol
  3. Wanna trade with fire and ice zoas, or blastomussa merletti frags?
  4. Looking to buy radioactive birdsnest, looking for 5-6 inches in size. Price $15-25 for the medium colony. Meet up. Whatsapp me at 9295 7-four-twenty. (Just found out i cant post to main pasar malam.)
  5. Hello! Willing to trade a turban snail about the size of 2 fifty-cent coins due to him constantly bulldosing everything in my tank. As for your info, I keep a nano. Although I would prefer to trade for something, anything under the sun. I am also willing to give him to a better home if need be, anything just contact me at 92957-420 whatsapp preferred Thanks!
  6. Hmm, i didn't check there, cause the farmways are kinda remote to me. No car, eheh. Any other marine shop in sg got sell for good prices? (Healthy also haha)
  7. Hello, i'll cut straight to the chase. I'm looking for: - Peppermint shrimps - Stomatella snails - Any coral frag of any sort Tank is so barren, only fish and rocks (and so many worms ._.). Pretty much the only coral in there is aiptasia, oh lovely aiptasia. Purchased kalkwasser burning a small hole in my pocket only for the aiptasia to duplicate... I'm willing to buy if it comes down to that, don't have alot of money, so spending 20+ dollars on one peppermint shrimp is not really a viable option for me.
  8. So far he hasn't changed his size/thin-ness. He seems the same as before, slightly concave belly. Swimming around very active, still extremely responsive. So i would say he is doing ALRIGHT. Still, giveaway can apply. Would like something in return though :'/ Looking for these livestock currently. 2x Neon goby 1x Pistol shrimp 1x Shrimp goby Anyx Zoa frag/ colony Anyx Clean up crew members Really though, any other small things you wouldn't mind swapping with the cleaner would still be nice.
  9. Yeah Bulldozer, I've read about that... Plagued with regret, a tiny bit of anger why its not accepting my marine foods, which are name brands, different from the no-brand pellets they used. Thanks for the reply, I hope i do...
  10. Alright, recently I started a 70Litre 60cm tank, two of them infact, connected by a fish tunnel. They have both been running for a month together with 2 powerheads and one large overhang filter. So on 15 December I decided to go and buy a cleaner shrimp, ocellaris clownfish, and a cleaner wrasse. My reason for buying the cleaner wrasse was due to me seeing the wrasse eat pellets in the marine fish shop, the auntie demonstrated to me by putting in a pinch of pellets, it ate. When I came back, I dripped the fish and acclimated them to my tank which is at specific gravity 1.026 (I hav
  11. HELP, My mushrooms which have been with me for 2 days are discharging some brown goo substance from their mouth!!! Are they dying?!?!??!!? :cry2:
  12. Hi all! I'm new to this forum and i was wondering if anyone could sell or give me some nice mushroom corals and advice? Currently cycling a fish-less, sandy, saltwater tank at 1.024 specific gravity (32.5 salinity) 18 litre tank. Thanks a bunch!!
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