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  1. Copperband, Thanks. Any picture to show? Anyone else?
  2. Anyone keeps SPS tank using NSW and still have vibrant color? I was told that NSW around Singapore are highly polluted and are not ideal for keeping sps. Anyone has success doing it using NSW?
  3. Dear All, The rocks have been sold. Thank you for all the enquiries.
  4. After my re-scaping, I have more than 50-80kg of liverock need to be rid of urgently. Most of these rocks are huge pieces and perfect for new tank setup. Anyone interested please PM me. Prefer to let go all at once but willing to sell in smaller batches.
  5. Anyone knows if this product will kill the macro algae in the refugium (e.g. cheato, etc.)?
  6. This is the skimmate produced by the 4ft skimmer.
  7. This is the skimz waste collector (also look like new).
  8. This is the upgrade made by I-Aqua (Ian) that comes with the quick release.
  9. I have the following for sales: 1. 4ft dual beckett skimmer made by Reef Maniac (the beckett chamber upgraded by I-Aqua) 2. Iwaki MX-70 used for 1.5 years but condition like new. 3. Skimz Waste collector Reason for selling is that I have recently upgraded my skimmer to Deltec. Want to sell quick, so any reasonable offer will be considered. Prefer to sell all together. Regards, Patrick
  10. 2 months of fishless will eliminate the ich in the tank. However, unless you do hyposalinity on the fish, the fish may still be ich carrier and when you re-introduce them back to the tank, the ich will be re-introduced.
  11. Any one to recommend? I need to custom made a sump, and thinking of using fiberglass materials
  12. Hi Bro, You need to ensure that the bulkhead is a tight fit into the hole. If it is not, you will have leakage problem especially when using it with high flow pump like Eheim 1264. Double check to see if you can fit the hole with a bigger bulkhead and use it instead. As for silicon, it should create a strong bond if the bulkhead is right size fitting, but you have to cure it for at least 24-72 hours. I would suggest 72 hours in your case.
  13. I could be wrong, but water milky could be an indication that some of the minerals did not mix or dissolved properly. This could be due to some of the chemical reaction or leak of chemical reaction. Using the salt water may be ok, but you may have some mineral deficiency in the long run. Better switch to a better salt. Any one have different opinion?
  14. Is Marine Environment = Instant Ocean? I'm a little confused. IO salt in JB? I don't go to JB either.....
  15. I know some of my zoos are not growing well under 250w light, but other LFS and SPS are growing like crazy. You may want to hide your zoos and mushroom inside the cave of your rock work. Also, adding iodide will help the situation. Good luck.
  16. Anyone knows who carries Instant Ocean salt (large bucket) 25kg type in Singapore? Thinking of getting a few bucket at one go. Went to reborn but they only sell the small plastic bag type, not the one with the big bucket (pail). Thank in advance.
  17. Bro, You put zoo and mushroom under 250w, the light may be too strong, especially when you change from 20k to 14k. If you doubt about your water, you can do progressive, but large portion of water change, eg. once a week of 30-40% water change for a few weeks. For your tank size, it shouldn't cost a bomb to do that.
  18. I think this is normal for uncured LR as there is a massive die-off of organism due to the long transport lead time from the sea to your house tank. Unfortunately, your tank is not mature enough to handle the bioload of dying off organism. I would suggest to leave it as the bacteria in your tank will multiply very quickly to handle the extra bioload. This is actually good way to cycle your tank. You may want to test your ammonia and nitrite, I'm not surprise the reading is off the chart. After the smell goes away, and the ammonia, nitrite should drop to 0mg/l, you will need to do a complete water change (as the water may be full of nitrate or phosphate) before you introduce LS.
  19. put a sps lor. strong current and strong light...that's the best ingredient. If you put a hammer there, with strong current, eventually it will lose it's head. May be a RBTA if you like anemonie. They love strong current and strong light.
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