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  1. Nice hope all is well for you do contact me if you need help
  2. Congratulations on the well deserving win for TOTQ We will be contacting you shortly to arrange for setup Team RA Singapore
  3. ok how about this existing TOTQ Winners will get a free delivery plus we will setup the controller for you. not just that we will also help you customize you setup for example all that you wish to be done on your controller we will help you code and setup. Just send me details of your equipments and what you want the controller to do for you. Example- 1) light schedule. 2) turn off wave maker 1 and lights if chiller fails and temp goes up to 29deg 3) ATO 4) turn cabinet fan on if cabinet temp reaches certain temperature 5) link your vortech and tunze together on a schedule, reef crest 50 at night when Main lights goes off and long pulse mode 70% dusk/dawn, and when afternoon time when all lights are on set to reef crest 100% 6) other special request we will try to code for you if viable. Cheers
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