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  1. Have a pink tip rbta. Around 5cm when open up to trade with any other colors. Red,green, yellow tinted or any other Colour. Small size is ok. or any other anemone kind. thank you
  2. Hello, anyone has AI single arm mount for sale? Black or silver is ok. thank you.
  3. My small true percula clownfish jumped and kill himself last night. Anyone has one to let go? PM me , tks.
  4. Restart and downsize to a nano cube 4 months back , re-used my MP40, find the wave too strong. Looking to trade with a XF130. Anyone keen for a bigger and strong wave maker. Thank you.
  5. Any chiller expert here? i try to look for info but not many online. When i on the chiller, exhaust Fan and compressor running, display controller working. After running for a few hours, fan and compressor stopped, but display controller still on (showing tank temperature) Cooling stopped , water pump still running. If i restart the chiller immediately after the chiller stopped, it only run for another 2-4 min and stopped again. But if i waited for more than 30mins i restart again, it can still run for another 5-6 hours. Anyone can help troubleshoot.
  6. aqua nautic came to check the chiller, told me everything is ok just need normal maintenance. After paying for the servicing, same evening after servicing for 3 hrs, chiller down again. This morning, called the same serviceman, he say the digital display unit is faulty need to change. I was quoted 250 to replace it. Anyone know beside Aqua nautic , who else can do properly diagnose/ check and replace it? anyone has the same experience with digital display faulty? Thank you.
  7. Thank you , I just contacted them. [emoji106] Sent from Singapore Reef Club mobile app
  8. Pm U Sent from Singapore Reef Club mobile app
  9. I take Sent from Singapore Reef Club mobile app
  10. Hi , My Arctica chiller 1/15 is acting funny for the past 1 week. It auto stop chilling, the thermostat seem working and water pump working. Now the temperature is @ 30.2 degree. i restart it twice, same problem after 2-3 days of chilling, it stopped. Need help here ! Anyone has a reliable chiller man / repair that offer reasonable price near the central . what is the duration of repair? I stay near upper Thomson. Very much appreciate for your input. Thank you.
  11. Looking for second hand Eheim 1048. PM me if you have one, TQ.
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