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  1. beautiful tank. i wish i could color up my sps like you could.
  2. NIcely done. Im thinking about doing it the same way being that I have a rimless tank. Bro, did you use acrylic for the frame? can you share how was it done? how did you fix the net to the frame? by the way, i also ordered from the same seller in the US.
  3. +1 on the alk. check your alk if it is low. correct it then you should be able to increase Mg.
  4. Thanks for your reply. Since your previous tubes were combination of ATI and Giesemann, I cannot relate when you say that the Pacific Sun looks bluer. But would you be able to say the the Crystal Blue is bluer that the ATO Blue Plus? Thanks and best regards. "When compare with my previous combinations of ati n giesemann tubes of similar colour spectrum, IMO Pacific Sun look a little more bluish while PAR wise, I can't comment bcos of new n old tubes (6 are new n 2 are 4 mths old). Your current tube combination was my best option, however u can try replacing actinic with pigment INT (
  5. very nice tank. if you don't mind, how do you compare it to your previous tubes PAR and color rendition wise? what tube combination would you suggest for a 4 t5 ati powermodule hybrid? my current tubes are 2 blue+. coral+ and actinic. im looking for better color on my corals. im thinking about trying pac sun this time.
  6. I gave up LED for an ATI Power module hybrid and improvements in growth and color is immediate.
  7. Ok will try next sunday as i already did a water change and 9th dosing prior to reading your reply.
  8. Do you mean i should divide the weekly dose by 7 4ml/7 or do a 4ml dose everyday?
  9. hi, my answers: 1. about 8 to 10 weeks. but please take note that it took several top layer sand removal on different occasions before it reached 1cm. 2. yes, two of the wp25 are placed near to the bottom from opposite sides of the tank's length but not facing each other so as not to cancel out the wave. the last wp25 is placed near the water surface to create water agitation. best regards, weekdaywarrior
  10. thanks for the replies. my vegas have the upgraded pucks and do not have the red and green leds as i find them useless. i would like to think that its the photoperiod but i have had the same photoperiod for 2 years already but i only had the algae on the sand bed in about six months. besides, shouldn't the liverocks still be covered with algae like the sand if the photoperiod is the culprit? instead, the liverocks are almost algae free already. do you think the 10 hour photoperiod that slowly ramps up and down too long? could it be that nutrients are still trapped in my sand bed and wo
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