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  1. HI, I am leaving Singapore soon and have many things to give away for cheap or swap with whatever you can Please reach me on 98266652 for details. Thanks, Mak.
  2. Thanks bro, gonna visit them tomorrow!!!!
  3. Hello reefers, I bought few LS from reef pacific last week, however, would like to check if someone wants to sell or give away juvenile tangs? Prefer sailfin, yellow, hippo or naso but others also welcome, however should be juvenile. I saw few of juvenile hippo tangs at the fish carnival but not sure which stall...
  4. Mohammed Kanchwala


    Bro interested... Pmed u... Pls check
  5. Dear reefers, Received corals from 2 very courteous bros n also recv one clown FOC by 1 of them, haha, ... Now looking forcleaning crew.... Anyone selling or giving away, pls sms or watsapp 98266652. Thanks.
  6. Dear reefers, still looking for LS n some nice soft corals prefer someone dealing in the east... Pls watsapp or sms 98266652. Have a happy week!!
  7. Hello reefers, I am looking to buy following livestocks for my tank.. Hippo tang or powder blue tang around 3 inch Salaifin tang Rabbit fox face Pair of clown fish Cleaning crew - pair of cleaner shrimps, sea cucumber, snails, etc Inexpesive frags of soft corals. Please watsapp or sms on 98266652 if u have any of the above. Happy reefing!!
  8. Upzz for the fishes.... Willing to pay cash if within budget
  9. Dear reefers, Anybody reducing their bioload and want to give away your beautiful fishes pls contact me. I have 2 Bangai cardinals, 1 clown wrasse, 1 yellow wrasse, a pair of normal cardinals currently housed in my tank. Looking to add compatible fishes with the abovementioned ones. May be a pair of clowns and rabbit fox faced. Willing to accept any other peaceful fishes as well. Kindly watsapp or sms me 98266652. Thanks!!
  10. Dear reefers, Can anybody tell me what kind of bug is this in my tank?? Regards, Mak.
  11. Sad to announce that my beloved tang died after I gave a fresh water bath and moved to a QT with ich cure medicine in it :'(
  12. Dear Reef keepers, I have run in to trouble with my Blue hippo tang. Yesterday all of a sudden it has developed black spots all across its body and I absolutely have no idea if this is ich or something else. It isn't rubbing itself against the rocks or substrate. Also it seems quite active swimming in the tank. I am only feeding my fishes the following once a day. Morning - Ocean Nutrition's FORMULA TWO FLAKES Evening - Totto PREMIUM EXTRA BITS. Attached is a pic of my tang. Hopefully someone can help it cure... Thanks, MAK.
  13. Thanks guys for ur reply. A Quick test reveals my nitrate level to be 200 and nitrite to be zero. I have bought tetras nitrate minus however not sure of I can add it in my canister filter as I dont have any sand to mix with?
  14. Hi bro, Thanks for your reply. I transferred live rocks and fishes in the aquarium water in which they were before. Also, in my current tank the water is of the sellers old aquarium. Reg the bacteria's I have a bottle of waterlife bacteria which from which I have put around 10ML in the tank. My fish tank dimensions H-19 inches, L 24 inches and depth / breadth 14.5 inches. I currently have a very basic protein skimmer inserted in the tank and Atman DF Series external filter (DF - 700). Seeking more advice on water quality and weekly water changes. Thanks!
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