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  1. Bro, what’s behind the Chiller? The air out/exhaust to where?
  2. Not impossible but very tricky. For example, you have a few big considerations to consider. 1) The bioload will increase, so can your existing system handle it sufficiently or is there another system in 2nd tank, and only sharing chilled water. 2) Need to plan very carefully on both pumps used to prevent overflow on a tank when the other pump fails, or if pumps are not matched perfectly. 3) The distance between tanks could cause an increase in chilled water Temperature, thus your compressor may kick in longer and more frequently than usual. Worst case, is perpetually running if te
  3. Looking for healthy ich-free small size yellow tang. Preferably 2-3”. Please PM me. Tks.
  4. Thanks for all the responses. If I have not replied you, please message again, sorry. Location : S(100059) No reservation unless deposit sent. 1p & 4p, full sum 8p & 10p, $10 deposit If can collect 5-9pm today, will be given priority, as want to clear space ASAP. Thanks.
  5. (Purple) 1 polyp - $5 (Blue) 4 polyps - $15 (Orange) 8 polyps - $30 (Yellow) 10 polyps - $35
  6. Still looking. 2”-3” size would be good.
  7. Looking to get a small yellow tang. Please PM me if letting go of a healthy ich-free tang, with size, price and location. TQ.
  8. Got it 2 years ago from SeaLife, can’t remember the cost, but shouldn’t be expensive as this color quite common, you shouldn’t have problem finding in a few LFS, I think.
  9. If anyone has a small frag of Japanese Lumi Green Toadstool, or other colorful Toadstool, letting go and not too expensive, please PM me. TQ.
  10. Just want to share some pics of my toadstool’s growth. Pics taken 1 year apart. In just 2 years, size of a frag plug to today fully open hand size. How fast they grow!
  11. You would have heard this before, but still, check your water and find the reason algae keeps growing in your tank. Personally, no algae eater will be able to clean any tanks especially not in the long run. They can help a bit, but they can’t rid it of all algae. I’ve tried snails, crab, algae blend and urchin. I can’t say any of it really worked as expected. Or maybe I’m just unlucky.
  12. Was thinking. If it’s below water, then wouldn’t the collected waste have a better chance to breakdown smaller and get through the wool and back into the water system? If this is right, then would having a dry interface be better for the wool?
  13. Have a noob question. Should Filter Wool be placed above water level such that it remains “dry“ except for returning water flowing through it, or should it be placed below water level such that the wool chamber is always thoroughly wet.
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