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  1. Looks like sponges. Pineapple sponges. It feels soft, right?
  2. I don’t measure it’s level of Magnesium, Calcium, Potassium and such, so I don’t have those data. But I’ve been using it for years for LPS and softies and all are growing fast and fine. I don’t do SPS, thus can’t comment on that. I like that the salt dissolves very fast into a clear mix and I never had issue of “white” precipitate, even if I dump all the salt in very fast.
  3. Or if anyone want to do a “group buy”, please PM me too. Aquamarin selling 1 pail @ $82. Buy 2 get 1, so for 3 pails it’s $164. Plus delivery $12, total $176. If anyone interested, we can work out how to split the cost per pail.
  4. Anyone have a 20kg pail of new unopened PUR Reef Salt, please PM price and location. Tks.
  5. 3 frags @ $15 each. Collection S(100059) Can deliver to West side, on selected days and time. IMG_9140.MOV
  6. Anyone can help positive ID these mushrooms, thanks. Left one has dark green polyps with purple cap/head/body. Right one is light green polyps & cap/head/body. Believe it’s a Japanese neon green toadstool but not sure. Thanks in advance
  7. Frag A&B paid and pending delivery tonight.
  8. As per subject. Collection Telok Blangah S(100059) area. If stay West side, I can arrange to free deliver. IMG_8810.MOV
  9. Read somewhere that Euphyllias like Torch & Frogspawn, cannot be kept with Leather coral due to chemical released by the leather coral. Would appreciate if anyone with experience can share some knowledge. Tks.
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