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  1. Not impossible but very tricky. For example, you have a few big considerations to consider. 1) The bioload will increase, so can your existing system handle it sufficiently or is there another system in 2nd tank, and only sharing chilled water. 2) Need to plan very carefully on both pumps used to prevent overflow on a tank when the other pump fails, or if pumps are not matched perfectly. 3) The distance between tanks could cause an increase in chilled water Temperature, thus your compressor may kick in longer and more frequently than usual. Worst case, is perpetually running if te
  2. Looking for healthy ich-free small size yellow tang. Preferably 2-3”. Please PM me. Tks.
  3. Thanks for all the responses. If I have not replied you, please message again, sorry. Location : S(100059) No reservation unless deposit sent. 1p & 4p, full sum 8p & 10p, $10 deposit If can collect 5-9pm today, will be given priority, as want to clear space ASAP. Thanks.
  4. (Purple) 1 polyp - $5 (Blue) 4 polyps - $15 (Orange) 8 polyps - $30 (Yellow) 10 polyps - $35
  5. Welcome to the club. For your tank size, I think the Compact600 should provide sufficient flow. If you want more flow, you could consider replacing with a bigger pump (ie. Compact1000) or if you choose to use wavemaker, maybe can consider RW-4 or MP-10. I would seriously advise you to cycle your tank before adding any livestock. IMO, dosing bacteria may help shorten the cycling process, but that doesn't mean it can replace the cycling process completely. Adding any livestock to a tank too early, will only stress them, worst case kill them,....life loss, money loss. Another scenar
  6. Skimz PUR Reef Salt.

    I can let go a new(unopen) 20kg tub at $50 and deal at West side.

    Let me know if interested.

  7. Soaking LR in diluted concentration of Hydrogen Peroxide for 3-5 mins is enough to kill algae and usually enough to force worms & crabs out. Soaking for 2 days.....that's a bit extreme.
  8. Hydrogen Peroxide can be purchased from Guardian Pharmacy, in 100ml or 500ml bottles. Depending on stock.
  9. Ya, so sad. LIFE Distilled Water 12x1500ml increased from $5.90 to now at $9.00. NTUC trying to push sales to their "PURE" water, which is priced at $5.90
  10. They are harmless, but their mucous net are irritating. If they start to multiply, then it will get unsightly. I got rid of mine.
  11. I think Irwarna brought in Catalina Goby couple weeks back. Can call them to check.
  12. I have always wondered where the LFS get their NSW. Singapore being an industrial island, and it even has oil refineries on its outer islands, so it's surrounding sea can't be that clean. Also wonder is the NSW collected treated before selling. Anyone can provide some insights?
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