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  1. Looking to get a few polyps. Prefer deal around South or West side. Pls PM if available.
  2. Appreciate help to ID these 2 zoas. Tks.
  3. Lelong day. Come collect tonight between 6-9pm, take all for $50. 2x GSP on plates 1x GSP mat 4x GSP on plugs PM for interest. Reservation only with payment. Will only cut the plates and mat after confirmation or buyer arrive.
  4. Have 2pcs of GSP, grown on acrylic plate (5x5cm) @ $25 each. See Yellow boxed area. Take both and I’ll peel the GSP mat (Blue boxed area) to give free. 4pcs on small Frag Plugs, prices indicated. Take all for $20. Location S(100056). Free delivery for South or West area can be arranged if buy $25 and above.
  5. GSP reserved and paid. Thread closed
  6. Have Reefer asking me to break the Golden Cloves into smaller frags, as reefer want smaller size. Would anyone else be interested if it’s fragged up?
  7. Yes, the GSP is attached acrylic plate, each abt 5x5cm. Image shows GSP already overgrown the plate boundary.
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