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  1. Hi, interested in the Hammer. Where’s location? Possible to see side view/stem/mouth of the 2 hammer frags?
  2. Frag tray overgrown with GSP as had no time to trim. Looking to sell off the “culprits” that created this beautiful meadow of GSP. 2 x Frag plugs @ $15 each 1 x small rock @ $25 Small rock approx 6x4cm, I think. Take reference is to the Sunny-D zoas for plug size. (1 plug removed in photo, the other still on tray.) Location S(100059) PM if interested. IMG_4622.MOV
  3. Have 2 x 20kg buckets of salt-mix to let go. Each for $55. PM to arrange collection or delivery.
  4. Or if anyone want to share, I’ll buy the 2+1 offer of 20kg, keep 1 pail for myself and sell the balance at $55 /pail. Can deliver for $5.
  5. Anyone have extra pail of PUR Reef Salt to let go, please PM me with price and location. Tks.
  6. Wonder if it’s anything to do with me adding some baby toadstools. But these new additions are all very small still, couldn’t have that big an effect leh.
  7. Had this piece for almost 2 years. First time in this “drooping” condition and it’s over a week. Normally how long could it be in this condition?
  8. It’s been a week since my toadstool did not open/extend it polyps. Today’s it’s slouching down and the edges browning. Is it a gone case?
  9. For all that have had unpleasant encounter with this Reefer, please report you case to SRC and let them decide if any actions they need to take.
  10. Please report your case to SRC as per above post from SRC moderator.
  11. So Senses, Jazzi and jd_n all have bad experience with this jj guy? Then there could be more silent victims.
  12. Was using the Tunze 9001 in my previous 16G tank. Now am running a 30G tank with this 9001. Considering to change to the Tunze 9004. Would appreciate any other suggestions for Skimmer better/equal to the 9004. My 30G is an IOS tank, so compartment to mount Skimmer is only about 13cmx13cm. TIA
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