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  1. Hi, Selling Used Sump Tank: Size: 3ft 50 gallons(unladen) Dimensions: 90x45x46cm Supports upto 4ft Main Display Tank Compartments: Return pump/coil reservoir. Sediment reservoir (Skimmer/biomedia/chiller), filtration reservoir Please arrange own transport and mover. Please also make sure you arrange with a reputable mover as I won't be liable for damages over transportation. I am able to facilitate to liaise with mover for collection if needed. Deal at Bukit Panjang Area. PM for details and meet-up. Price: $10
  2. Item is sold! Thanks for your interest everyone!
  3. Greetings, I have 4ft tank worth of dry rocks of various sizes to sell away. Prices as shown by size: Small: $5 each Medium: $10-20 each Large: $25-35 each Negotiable if bought multiple as I am looking to quickly move them. Rocks have varied features like caves,crevices, ridges, ledge, 'lagoons'. Will take individual rock pictures as I update this thread. Meanwhile refer to the pictures I have now. PM me if interested. Please also arrange for your own transportation method. The location is in Bukit Panjang if you are keen on viewing and wanna test scape. span widgpan widget
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