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  1. Hi, Selling Used Sump Tank: Size: 3ft 50 gallons(unladen) Dimensions: 90x45x46cm Supports upto 4ft Main Display Tank Compartments: Return pump/coil reservoir. Sediment reservoir (Skimmer/biomedia/chiller), filtration reservoir Please arrange own transport and mover. Please also make sure you arrange with a reputable mover as I won't be liable for damages over transportation. I am able to facilitate to liaise with mover for collection if needed. Deal at Bukit Panjang Area. PM for details and meet-up. Price: $10
  2. Item is sold! Thanks for your interest everyone!
  3. Greetings, I have 4ft tank worth of dry rocks of various sizes to sell away. Prices as shown by size: Small: $5 each Medium: $10-20 each Large: $25-35 each Negotiable if bought multiple as I am looking to quickly move them. Rocks have varied features like caves,crevices, ridges, ledge, 'lagoons'. Will take individual rock pictures as I update this thread. Meanwhile refer to the pictures I have now. PM me if interested. Please also arrange for your own transportation method. The location is in Bukit Panjang if you are keen on viewing and wanna test scape. span widgpan widget
  4. Hi yukok.lim08, Sounds great! Have you started the works yet, or still in the same boat as me (finding ideas)?
  5. Hi sgtayc Firstly, Happy New Year! Thanks for responding to my thread so quickly, apologies I haven't been able to catch up with this thread I created as its been a busy week for me. I have been looking deep through the forums and found some similar setup as yours, trunking-wise. Did you get your trunking installed before calling in the ID to attach the false ceiling or was it done in conjunction. I am under the impression that the coil is done by aquarium specialists and not the ID themselves. May I ask if you are willing to share a picture of your air-con ledge with the trunking ingress into your kitchen? Would be very helpful in my planning. Thank you and may you have a prosperous new year!
  6. Hi Guys, I would like to ask for those who have gone through the process of buying a new flat and 'prepping' the flat for an aquarium, especially those that plan to do an internal/external compressor coil setup. That if you can share your experience and designs. I ask this as I will soon be embarking on this endeavor and I am sure there are many enthusiasts who will have to go through this phase in the future as well. Things that I have concern with is mainly: 1. Reno process; ie. How best to tie-in with the contractor/ID on what to install first, contacts of contractors/IDs to look for, House aircon compressor installation with tank compressor... 2. Typical tank location (pictures/diagrams/floorplans would be helpful) 3. Ducting lines for compressor to coil to tank 3. Typical ATO setup diagrams in the sump, RODI location etc. 4. Sump diagram or pictures (for 3ft or less) Just to share, my current plan is to fit a 3ft in a typical 4-room BTO layout.
  7. Hi snowman87, I am planning to move to my new house soon and would also like a similar setup. Would you mind to share on the progress of our tank one year in your new house? Im much more concerned on the wear and tear of the ducting in the false ceiling (I assume you manged to convince your ID to run it straight from the kitchen wall and twist up to the ceiling and into your false ceiling). Have you noticed any defects? for example, is there any condensate build up on the false ceiling? Would like to get pointers (better with pictures) from you if possible.
  8. tqtq come come faster pm!! tmr abit hard to deal oredy
  9. Hi, as above, bring your own container, prefer deal asap cuz its out of water. Bukit panjang pm for contact. Also willing to trade for coral frags, if not 6 pc mcnuggets also appreciated . prefer to deal by today yill monday, if not will declare as dead rocks. Reason for giving; not sure if its been treated by copper. Youve been warned.
  10. Anyone have experience with these lovely fishes? I've been keeping dwarf angels for some time and this beauty came in the new shipping from one of the lfs. My tank is dwarf angel heaven, lots of hiding places and plenty of food. Most of my angels have already pass their 'shy phase' and have been swimming freely around the tank. This new addition I would suspect would have to wait a while before it starts exploring the tank. I read that their diet is mostly veggie, I am currently trying to entice it with Henry's Gourmet. I'm monitoring its behavior everyday to see if it eats. Anyone else have experience with these beautiful angels?
  11. Please don't use NSW from our shores. It is said that marine aquariums are like hotel california compared to even the cleanest reef on earth. So singapore shores with thousands of visiting ships from all over the world? definite no.
  12. Hi I need very urgent repair advise for said driver. See i just bought t A Tunze 6100 set off a reefer here. I bought itto replace my Jebao WP40 which just died recently also. I know this is a very old model but I did not not knowI would be THIS unlucky. Long story short, the first time I plugged it in, I noticed the driver got very hot. I did not suspect anything wrong cuz...well I thought, hey its a german brand, it should be reliable..right? So i went on happiky to read the 7095 controller manual on how to set itup proper. While it runs. Then the pump stopped working. The lights on the controller was completely off. At first i thought itwas just a 'TUNZE' thing, like it was suppose to behave that way. I checked that the mains was still plugged in, the boxes were all the way up top of the aquarium, so thdre is NOpossible way for water to seep into the boxes. It should still be working....but its not. That was it...I can't believe a china brand product just outlived a german product. Granted it has seen usage for quite a long time but i cannot be THAT unlucky. I judt spent 200 bucks on it , albeit second hand; but hey, anyone in my position should atleast feel slightly if not fully... cheated right? I spent 80 bucks on a Jebao and I got 1 years worth of service from it atleast, but i just paid top dollar for a reliable brand to work for 5 mins.... Well i decided to just stop using a wavemaker for now and substitute a 2000 dymax pump instead. If anyone got any lobangs for whom i should approach for repair services, tunze experts, please point me in the right dirdction. Thanks.
  13. Sorry to hijack the thread, it seems to be on the right topic so decided to post..still anyone can identify what my fish is suffering? Surprisingly still eating and alive till today!
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