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  1. Very colorful and healthy coral u have there, bro.
  2. Wanted sell off this fish tank cabinet size 81cm x 46cm. Condition : 9/10 Price: $50 Pls arrange own transport. Self collection at Woodlands Watapp 96888987
  3. Clearing store rm and wanted to clear these items: $10 $5 expired on nov'16 balanced left 95%, great curing medicine for fish with velvet. All for $15 All for $20 Collection at woodlands. Watapp 96888987 Thanks
  4. Collection at woodlands. Pm to deal. Thanks Interpet 7- Very effective medicine $10 Left 95%, expired Nov'16 Got 9pcs air wooden block selling $2each, Take all at $15. All air stones of varies sizes at $5
  5. Few things to sell. All in good condition and very new, used less than 3months. Collection in woodlands/yishun. Pm to deal. $7 $7 $7 $5 Both $5 Breeding ceramic pot $5 $5 LED light $10 Glass tank with cover 40x25x26cm $20 Clip on fan $5
  6. Still available. Effective medicine as I believe many reefers who has used it will agree. Run out of stock pretty fast, previously I waited awhile to get it. It is good that u get it for standby, because if your beloved expensive clown fish gonna brooks they must be treated fast, if not $$$ will be wasted.
  7. Selling fish medicine - interpet 7 for $10 Used once only. Expired on Nov 2016 Effective treatment to cure marine fish ill with brooklynella and velvet especially clown fishes. Collection near Admiralty mrt. Pm to deal
  8. Beautiful ah Chris zoas garden by the reef...lolx
  9. Want to clear fast. If can collect by this week, will let go at $100 cheap cheap.
  10. Selling this 2ft LED light set comes with built-in timer. 2stripes blue and 2stripes white light. Can support my LPS beautifully. Condition 9/10. Selling cheap at $138. Collection at woodlands. Pm me to deal. Thanks
  11. Selling 2 big nice shape dead rock. Enough to fit 2feet tank. Both for $20 Collection woodlands. Pm me if interested Thanks
  12. All shrimps sold and collected. Left 3x blue eye cardinals for $10.
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