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  1. You can float a frozen 500ml rodi-water plastic bottle in the tank on hot days. But its a bandage solution. Long-term, u still need a chiller in year-long hot weather like singapore. Or u can on your aircon in the room where your tank is for a few hours in the afternoon. U can enjoy the chill and so can your fish and corals.
  2. Trying to gather some quick intel from reefers. Anyone using salt delivery services to their homes? No longer the young fella i remembered myself. The salt needs to be suitable for sps. Pls include the brand n price n the delivery charges. If buy in bulk, is the delivery free? Thank you for any info. Cheers.
  3. Thx guys, guess it's a wild idea. True that it does not help in overall stability of system. Thx again for pointing it out.
  4. Any reefers mix different brands of salt mix for water change? The reason being salt mix A has high KH, low CA but salt mix B has low KH and high CA? By mixing it can "balance" the parameters. Is it advisable to do it for a sps tank?
  5. Got to be turn white for no apparent reason while the others are doing good
  6. It clouds the tank for a few minutes and clears. Corals are ok, so the product seems fine as Ca level is rising slowly. Thx for all help. Cheers
  7. Any reefers have experience with this product? It doesn't seem to dissolve well in ro water like the dupla magnesium product. A large part still a slurry white powder. Cannot find any useful info from the internet. Any instructions is much appreciated.
  8. Yes, I'm looking for a LED light for fuge. Any brands u can recommend?
  9. Been using the fluorescence bulb (like the durian sellers hehe) and the chaeto been growing well but it heats up when cabinet door is closed. Wondering if any reefers out there can recommend a led light for chaeto refugium. Budget is $50. Thx
  10. My virgin frag ends up in three pieces. lol not a good start. Montis are more brittle than they look. I placed them side by side, hoping they merged back in one big piece hehe
  11. My place got Giant n Seng Siong nearby, so I try them first. Cheers
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