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  1. See, no cheato. Very difficult for me to buy equipment as cabinet height is only 40cm.
  2. Thanks bro. I not really into nutrient export by cheato and mangroves. Find them messy and troublesome. But I love the aesthetic look of mangroves, can consider them in a open top tank. Now I just put more live rock and bio media at former refugium.
  3. Bro, do keep the updates running.. Esp on the technical side. Keen to upgrade myself to be as high tech as you.
  4. I personally find mangroves not good at nutrient export, infact quite messy as leaves and roots keep dropping out. But can consider them for aesthetic value.
  5. i wanted to achieve a clear transparent glassy look from the start so i do scrape off all algea from the tank even coraline. Most difficult are the algea that grows on the clear silicon at the joints. Now i know why many bros go for black silicon. wah... king of zoas praise me. I feel proud. one of the easier sea fans. look for it at ah beng's
  6. Went through your entire thread... did not see the giant isopods in your last video. Did they make it?
  7. Wah! It's both fascinating and scary at the same time... Definitely unique.
  8. Thanks guys for the kind comments, will update again much later when the sps grown bigger. Now, just collecting zoas and other small stuff. Don't wanna disrupt the rock scape.
  9. after 2 years of ups and downs, tears, sweat and pain.... here are some updates with my xiaomi hp...
  10. Bought it from am for 45. Lost some of its colors
  11. Look out for them at ah beng's seafan tank... $12 to $18
  12. Bro ericmz Try this seafan. The easiest non photosynthetic that i have tried. Its still alive in my tank. Brilliant gold polyps on reddish dark base.
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