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  1. Tengok sps tank gini lah.. Silap2 boleh kero mata.
  2. Got some free time now, so here's my FTS update. Kena poison constantly by reefers that are superbly nice, gracious and friendly. https://vimeo.com/142458386
  3. I have too. Woodlands.
  4. Looking good... [emoji106]
  5. Yah, right!! No sunpower laa... filterpower have laaa.
  6. For me, to fill up a big tank, its way economical to get NSW. Plus thing, its already sea water, no need further mixing of salt unless the salinity is not enough based on your needs. And with live sand and live rock, cycling is much faster. Unless you want to have the parameters (numbers) like what was displayed on the salt container, and assuming they do give out the parameters, and don't mind spending $xxx for distilled water to fill up the whole tank, why not? I had used both ways. Still prefer the cheaper and effective method to fill up a newly setup tank.
  7. I believe he is referring to your new tank with Hydra, being only 10" in height.
  8. Hi all, Posting on behalf of a friend. Selling the above mentioned @ $100. PM me for his contact to deal.
  9. For the sake of all newbies (includes me), and to avoid future continuation and queries, it's best to delete this thread. Know nothing is better than to know something but don't know what is the thing. Worst thing if assuming what the real thing is. My only hope is all disputes will be solved, smooth and sound. Let's all focus in enjoying this hobby. \m/,
  10. Not sure about algae but definitely seen my tank clear from diatoms ugly sight when they shift the sand here and there. One thing for sure it will eat all leftovers and detritus on the sand. http://www.liveaquaria.com/product/prod_display.cfm?c=497+528+572&pcatid=572
  11. Wah brudder... seriously sick man!! Care to share your full eqpts, media, practices, etc. Edit: oh, you did mentioned already... thanks. Might want to start a nano too.
  12. Yup. Diamondback goby. But beware... good jumper as well. Sand shifting star will keep the sandbed clean too.
  13. Maybe its micro bubbles from the skimmer? I may be wrong though.
  14. Found. Mod please assist to close thread. Thank you. My reefing journal.
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