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  1. use another bacteria to attack this bacteria? microbac7, special blend, etc?
  2. i went through the same problems as you, both cyano and dino and also was very eager to "cure" the problem. there will be Dino X for Dino. due to my stupidity, i overdose (too eager) and had all my corals wiped out over 1 week. i would strongly recommend just using bacteria... special blend, microbac7, etc... let nature take its course... have to be very very patient and let the tank mature, if not u'll burn out trying to solve all the problems.
  3. i used special blend bacteria instead of red slime... i tink need to let nature take its course.
  4. it has done its job in my tank... letting go to other aiptisia victims. $80.please pm me.
  5. preferably red sea, AF or Tropic marine
  6. i am dosing manually now, but what i'll do is to dose a specific amount daily and test weekly... adjust your dosage based on your readings.. drop too much, dose more daily... vice versa... remember to start small... the more expensive dosers are more accurate and can dose by milliliters... i believe the jebao ones are quite respectable... depends on your budget...
  7. Anyone has experience? especially Gong Gong, they are actually called DOG CONCH. Lala are actually filter feeders, but they do dig into sand and i think it should be good for sand bed. please share your experience. Thanks!
  8. bought the wrong one. 24 reagents left. $8. self collect @ jalan lanjut (after office hours) or buona vista (during office hours).
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