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  1. hi all, am sure u have some extra fish food lying around unused. i m looking for fish pellets for tangs, large size. preferably amk/bishan area. please pm me. thanks.
  2. hi, super fat and healthy coris wrasse to give. at least 3inches. please pm me. would appreciate u can share ur tank size and pic. will need sandbed. pick up at jalan lanjut.
  3. guess i have to support as well... multiple rounds of being conned by Tee becos his corals are just so fantastic...
  4. collection Jalan Lanjut (upp thomson)
  5. hi all, just finished breaking up the mother colony. no frag plugs. collection Jalan Lanjut (upp thomson) pls pm me.
  6. Hi all, selling $20. dried. approx 10inches (H) by 7inches by 6inches. pls pm me.
  7. hi, am looking for a small calcium reactor. please pm me. tks.
  8. taken. thanks. sorry if i didnt reply you.
  9. hi, collection at upp thomson, near bishan park. tmr anytime, only tmr.
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