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  1. Hihi,making this post for a friend that lives in the east and is looking for chaeto as he recently just set his tank up. You can contact him at 98186755 Thanks!
  2. Simply means that your run of the mill algaes will start to pop up, but they do go away as your tank matures.
  3. My Borbonius Anthias that I’ve had for quite awhile already, affectionately named Tofu
  4. Hi,I’m Adriel Just here to share about my 4’,450L reef. It’s been up for a little more than a year, but it still has a long way to go! Set this tank up intending for it to be a mixed reef but recently I’ve been leaning a slight bit more towards acropora This tank is lit with 2 Hydra 26HDs,but I’ll be adding 2 Orphek OR2s just to give them a bit of a helping hand, and to even out the spread (spotlight effect is very apparent in my FTS) . I use Triton to keep up with my alkalinity, calcium etc etc demands, and to keep my nutrients at a manageable level. To manage flow, I’m using a Maxspect Gyre XF350,and in the sump, I’m running a Bubble Magus Curve9 and Ecotech Vectra M1. In terms of fish, I’m really lightly stocked, but I do plan to add quite a few more! I have: 1 Borbonius Anthias 1 Blue Tang 1 Bipartitus Leopard Wrasse 1 Pajama Cardinal And after all that rambling, here’s my FTS:
  5. Preferably mini colonies. Purple Stylo/Pocci Green Montipora Spongodes Pink Birdsnest German Blue Digi Am also looking for red goniopora, if you have any of the above items do PM me^^ Thanks
  6. Do let me know if you have any available,or if you’ve seen any in stores,thanks
  7. looking for bali green slimer frags do pm if available,thanks!
  8. wtb mystic sunset monti and leptoseris frags preferred if collection is in the mid-west thanks again
  9. Bump looking for clams and monti caps too :> thanks
  10. Caulastrea Candy Canes,Hammers,Bubble,Favites and Trachyphillias are all quite forgiving
  11. Title. Best guess would be Uronema but currently unsure. Pinkish colouration on the head and along the length of the body. Not visible without a flashlight. Eating well,no clamped fins but slightly faster-than-normal breathing rate. Currently stumped and I’d appreciate it if anyone could chime in Ammonia: 0 ppm Nitrite: 0 ppm Nitrate: 5ppm PH: 8.3 SG: 1.023
  12. Title Prefer if collection can be done in the west,thanks
  13. Above^^ 2.5”healthy and eating with gusto Collection in the west c: $15
  14. I’ve read that Ich and Brook can latch onto any hard surfaces (Corals,Snail Shells,nets etc) or anything that’s wet. I don’t quarantine anything other than fish,but each to their own I guess.
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