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  1. Bro I'm interested. Pm you my contact
  2. Hi Idly... Nice nano. I love the way your tank fits in with the rest of your furnitures. Nice choice of corals too.
  3. Went shopping.... Orange torch from SA Orange Chalice from pinnacle my clown photo bomb the picture by being a kapo...
  4. New addition from SA and some pictures I managed to take...
  5. My newest addition .... Was convinced by bro alex that it was "Now or Never!!!!"... Hope he will be with me for a long long time IMG_7827.MOV IMG_7827.MOV
  6. thank you.... Trying very hard to keep it slow and enjoy the process
  7. Just a few updates on my tank. Activated my Sulphur reactor and I have been slowly stocking my tank ... Abt a few corals each weekend
  8. Hi... I'm interested in your lighting. Can collect today.
  9. Hi. Is the light set still available? Where to collect?
  10. Just realized that this baby has been with me for 10 years... Hopefully many more years to come ...
  11. thanks bro i wanted to have a lot of spaces for my fishes to hide
  12. This should be the final layout for my rockscaping.... left side right side full tank shot... Now the waiting game begins
  13. Since I am intending to venture into SPS keeping... Lighting is definitely an issue... Bro Alex was recommending ATI sun power module (8 T5 tubes) as its really value for money.... But ..... I do love the shimmering effects of LED. However you have to admit that certain corals look better under T5. As a result I wanted a mixed but ATI hybrid is too costly in my opinion. I ended up paying Dr Evil a visit to see what were my options. After Iilttle discussion... We came with this solution. photo taken from Dr Evil thread. Custom Fixture of 3 AI hydra twenty six HD and 4 Giesemann T5. Fixture after installation.
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