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  1. They are super aggressive once introduced into our tank. I believe CW's territory is much larger than any typical tanks thus unless it is a proven pair, its hard to pair them in our tanks. Several attempts has been made to pair them but to no long term results, initially some feels that they are sexually dimorphic, i.e. male with golden head. I have tried and have failed. Without more proven results, I refrain from encouraging reefers to try to form pairs with CW. Let's not forget, CW was considered a "no no" fish to keep several years back and it was only the recent 5-8 years that we are having good results.
  2. 3-4 days is good. I personally don't think cleaning once a month is good as I find that the build-up around the inner surface of the skimmer cup prevent effective skimming. That's why I don't connect my skimmer cup drains so that I will be force to service my skimmer cup twice a week.
  3. Cleaner wrasse are hard to pair,if you really get a pair - congratulations! If not, you will soon be left with one.
  4. I aim for the middle that's why I mentioned about fine tuning in my earlier post. If you fine-tune, you get the "candy floss" that is slightly wet, that is the best in my opinion. Example of Candy Floss: -
  5. Buy Distilled water loh. RO/DI or DI water need slow flow to a point of trickling in order to effectively filter tap water. So if you are doing major water change, you will need to prepare few days ahead. Some distilled water company are happy to sell on ad-hoc basis.
  6. Can do major water change using NSW, there are still a few LFS providing such services.
  7. Bro, You need to fine tune your skimmer in order to optimize the skimming. Adjust the air inlet to 1/2 position Adjust the outflow so that the bubbles in the skimmer chamber is at optimal height (different skimmer have different height) Fine-tune this height through air inlet, more air the height with increase slowly and reduce air will lower the area. I find most reefer will open air valve to the max and just tune skimmer using the outflow pipe. I used to do that too and find that this way of tuning crude and you cannot fine tune the skimmer effectively. Once you able to fine tune your skimmer, you should be able to get "cotton floss" skimmate with any decent needlewheel skimmer. HTH
  8. I have tried several times running 2 skimmers and herewith are my opinions: 2 skimmers similar performance skimmers will increase the effectiveness of pulling out DOC from your system. If you have a better performance skimmer and a weaker skimmer, the effectively is not there and you will find the lower specs skimmer pulling out lesser gunk when the better skimmer is working. Another advantage of 2 skimmer is that you can service individual skimmer on alternate days so as to ensure optimum skimming. HTH
  9. Bro, got fishes or corals spawning in your tank is it? Whenever, my fishes hanky panky I encounter irregular skimmate production.
  10. Several things affect skimmate consistency, quality, quantity and colours: 1) Food and additives you feed 2) Water level 3) Feed pump - if it is a outsump skimmer 4) Skimmer pump 5) Livestocks 6) Water parameters Assuming all water parameters are constant and stable and there are no livestock dying in your tank and you are feeding same food. I will check whether the skimmer is set-up to its optimal requirements. I will check on the bubble intensity, if bubbles intensity is not there, I will just change skimmer. HTH
  11. Its got to do with the fact that skimmer removes DOC (dissolved organic carbon). DOC are removes before there are broken down to Ammonia, Nitrite and Nitrate. Thus technically skimmer is effective in remove Nitrate. Protein skimmer mixed tank water with fine bubbles and DOC are adhered to the skimmer and therefore exported through the skimmer collection cup. There are also a host of products that claims to remove nitrate through binding and supported with skimming such as Lanthanum Chloride, AZNO3 etc. http://www.drsfostersmith.com/pic/article.cfm?aid=1321 http://www.aquaticcritter.com/Saltwater/briefintroductiontosaltwateraquarium.htm HTH
  12. http://www.novatecproducts.com/images/iceprobe_big.jpg
  13. System and Control at Boon Keng. http://maps.google.com.sg/maps?um=1&ie=UTF-8&q=system+and+control+boon+keng&fb=1&gl=sg&hq=system+and+control&hnear=0x31da19d17ee74e4f:0xd8cc74ea5413239e,Boon+Keng&cid=0,0,17557154588846845064&sa=X&ei=RVzCUduCFs-zrAewmIHQBA&ved=0CHYQ_BIwAw
  14. For me, I will use PO4 media aggressively to lower PO4 prior to reaching ULN. I feel if PO4 is still high when the tank reaches ULN, you will get cyano bloom. This is just my observations and also confirmed by a few overseas seniors I met recently.
  15. Steven, i tale both orange turq and yellow turq.
  16. The most talk about SoldierFish in Singapore!
  17. Clownfishes don't need anemone especially in captivity. Mine pair are not hosted by any anemone and prefers one corner of my tank and even spawn on the glass surface there. Don't worry too much about it.
  18. Bro, should be next week days after 8pm, the next week days, I will be super packed.
  19. Sunny, I take at the same time pass you the LaCl3.
  20. Bro, How have you been? You still stay Punggol right, I am help if you need.
  21. Marine uses a different kind of zeolite stones that are suitable for our parameters. The first zeolite based product for Marine is Korellen Zucht Zeovit. However they are not easily available now in Singapore due to lack of distributor. If you are looking for Marine Zeolites in Singapore, you can try Fauna Marin Ultralith, they distributed by Aquafauna Supplies and also sold in Iwarna, MadPetz, Marine Life etc.
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