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  1. Liewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww Up for u!
  2. Everyone is my good friend. Even u brudder wong [emoji41]
  3. Please see this link Im sure AquaMarin is not parallel importer. [emoji16]
  4. My good friend no sell any ati fixture t5 leh. Everyone bought from AM. We love am! [emoji173] [emoji173]
  5. Agreee man. Those who all changed to ati which is transferrable warranty, sure no regret!
  6. Flow rate : 400 - 2800 L/hr Reliable and very silent pump. Bought new on march 2015. Its under warranty. Can be use on phosban, zeolite reactor, biopellet reactor, mix salt water etcetc Warranty for 1 year. 50$. Pm me.
  7. Thanks bro. Have been changing water every week. Pe has been great so far with this salt. Corals will go into feeding mode after changing too! Some top down shots taken with note 4 to end my last post.
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