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  1. Hi bro/sis, ive changed my phone and accidentally deleted all contacts. Lost many good bro's contact here. Would therefore seek for your help and message me @ the number below together with your name for THOSE who know me and regarded me as bro. Thanks. Hope to retrieve all contacts as I really treasure the brothers here:) Below are some of the bros that I will really want their number. If you see this thread, pls contact me: Slimymadness Kelvin81 hammy Kakani Contact me @ 94577231 Cheers!
  2. Hey bro, hows life? Sps looking good ah!!
  3. DE lightimgs 39X6Watts reserve to a very nice bro! Thanks for all support! Cheers!!!
  4. Haha. Thanks bro. Take it easy too man.
  5. Price back to 250. Upz for good lightings!
  6. Haha, Bro, tank looking good ahh.. Keep the updates coming man.. All the best in your journey.
  7. Hey bro, dont forget me ahhh!!!
  8. All items sold to a very nice and polite reefer.. Cheers. Thanks SRC once again.. Mods pls close thread.
  9. Ups for really awesome lightings..
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