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  1. Looking for the above, if any kind reefers willing to let it go, can contact me @ 94577231.
  2. Both items sold! Thanks for the support!
  3. Hmm, that could be a challenge already. Check out for eggs on the base. Afraid it might be pest.. other wise it is STN. Prepare to frag ur colony. Otherwise glue the infected part. If u cant bare to destroy the shape.
  4. Btw attached is the same piece of birdnest that youve posted. When given the required params, not to forget most favourable params , Lightings and spot , this is the outcome. HAPPY REEFING SIS! Just my 2 cents..
  5. Agreed with what sis belle said, also based on experience, that birdnest youre having its called bi-colour birdnest. Its a good sps for using it as your water indicator. EXCELLENT water params and nutrient levels , pinkish purple body with blueish/ purple tips. SLIGHTLY POORER water quality, its body remains same colour but polyps turns green. But it will change between the 2 i stated . Affects varies on indivisualist water params from time to time. Hope that helps. Just my 2 cents.
  6. I presume is burned if its from the tip... you could probably try lowering ur birdnest and reduce the white of the razor but at the same time increasing the blue... as for the already burned tips, if given required water parameters, it will heal by itself, or u coulf try dosing some iodine to help increase the rwcovery rate. *Just 1 or 2 drops* Continue to monitor your birdnest burned tips, if it continues to spread/worser, just break of that part and let nature do its job by allowing to to grow back. Otherwise try glueing up the whitened part to stop the spread. Just my 2 cents. Hope that
  7. Ups for today! Priced reduced to $35 Reason for selling, makin space anf cost for new sps. Support pls! Thanks!
  8. Well, not an expert, just a beginner , but from what i see and what u told posted, your nutrient levels could be at high levels. Esp your no3. Try to keep it as close to 0 as possible.. as for another major factor that is causing your sps to browned up , you might wanna consider testing on your po4 levels as well. You might think that yes you have a algae scrubber to scrub off your algae manually. But fact is that if theres algae growth, it determines 1 thing, which is the algae has po4 to feed on.. hence more regular water changes is required and would suggest that u use a phosphate remover.
  9. Looking at the way how is branches itself out, its a birds of paradise.
  10. Radioactive bn sold. Updates: Left with turq bn. Sunday special @40!
  11. Turquoise birdnest - $50 (abt fist size) Radioactive birdnest-$50 ( abt fist size) Free yellow body green tip bn and orange monti. Location : tampines Contact:94577231 Thks and have a nice weekend ahead.
  12. Multi branched mili pending collection tonight. 2x single branched mili selling both at $15
  13. Bro, i simply love the skills you have in sticking big colonies on your rock with using v little amt of glue. Love your stags!
  14. Hi all, have 3 red milli frags for sales. I have 2x single branch ones @ -$8 1xmulti branch @$15 Pic of mother colony: Front view and top view. Collection @ Tampines Contact : 94577231
  15. Upss. Both for 20 today only Free 1 birdnest frag.
  16. No problem bro. I see that you also have a very awesome sps tank. Take this as a learning experience. So that in futurr yourr able to curb the same prob if it occurs. Take it easy. At least its just 1 or 2 if your colonies. I also faced stn on my green stag due to over stressing it. I just glued the stn part. And wala! Saved! Once again , All the best bro!
  17. Same goes to you bro. You have a very colourful sps tank. I am sure your dream will come true too! All the best!
  18. Hi bro, neither do i have the money to buy these sps. As im only 17 and im living with my gf. Without any support from parents either. Expenses are high... its just i planned properly when and where to get. haha. Regarding the frag part , im not the frag type as i wanna see my tank packed and look like a real reef. As putting frags it will make my tank look very empty. And the cost is not much difference from colonies. So why not?! What i do is camp online and wait for reefers to post. If its worth, WHACK LIAO LO! Im pretty sure you can do it too bro. Cheers!
  19. Hi bro, thanks for your nice words. Btw saw ur thread and saw u posting some of ur sps lossing tisue or stn. How are they doing? Have tjey recovered? All the best bro!
  20. Hi kelvin bro, there is still lots for us both to learn from Each other. Thanks for ur nice words and always being there for me man.. Cheers! Let me noe if you face any prob with ur dosing pump. Weekend i go down help u tune.
  21. Hi bro, my im using this combi from back to front of my tank: Blue plus Purple plus Blue plus Aquablue special Blue plus Blue plus. Regarding the pale blue colours, would be best if seen real life. As my stupid phone cam always cant capture th actual colour. Haha.. As i realised whenever i use my phone take pic, there is always a blurish layer covering the take which makes the pictures which were taken looked very pale and colourless. Wait till i get my dslr or it eould be great if i could lend 1. Hahaa. Thanks for the feed back anyw. Cheers.
  22. Uncle mike, thanks for your very motivational words. No worries i will keep a lookout on that red stag youre looking for. Lets have kopi sometime when youre free at your hse. Cheers!
  23. Ups for you bro! Beautiful optic fibre u got!
  24. Pics were taken when blue lights were just on. So PE abit little. But assured that WYSIWYG otherwise full cash refund.
  25. Wts the above : Monti @15 Birdnest @20 Take both @ 30 Collection at Tampines. Contact me @94577231 Thanks for viewing.
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