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  1. Hi bro, my im using this combi from back to front of my tank: Blue plus Purple plus Blue plus Aquablue special Blue plus Blue plus. Regarding the pale blue colours, would be best if seen real life. As my stupid phone cam always cant capture th actual colour. Haha.. As i realised whenever i use my phone take pic, there is always a blurish layer covering the take which makes the pictures which were taken looked very pale and colourless. Wait till i get my dslr or it eould be great if i could lend 1. Hahaa. Thanks for the feed back anyw. Cheers.
  2. Uncle mike, thanks for your very motivational words. No worries i will keep a lookout on that red stag youre looking for. Lets have kopi sometime when youre free at your hse. Cheers!
  3. Ups for you bro! Beautiful optic fibre u got!
  4. Pics were taken when blue lights were just on. So PE abit little. But assured that WYSIWYG otherwise full cash refund.
  5. Wts the above : Monti @15 Birdnest @20 Take both @ 30 Collection at Tampines. Contact me @94577231 Thanks for viewing.
  6. Hi uncle mike, Thks for ur nice words. Sadly it isnt a red stag. Its a lime in the skies stag. Sorry for the dissapoinment.
  7. RadioActive Pocci : Some Random Repeated Shots From different angles. Thats it for today bros and sis. Have a nice weekend .
  8. Pink Birdnest Sunset Mili(Yellow) Sunset Mili (Goldenish Green) Rose Mili Plating Red tip Mili ( Was totally browned up when brought back from pinnacle due to heatstroke. Coloured up in 2 weeks) Red Prostrata ( Complete browned up when brought back from my fren place. Even the water in the bag turn dark brown) This is 1 month of effort in colouring up this beauty. Can see massive growth as there are lots of new growth(white tips) All time Fav : optic Fibre Pocci Hunted for this Beauty a long time. Lime Green Staghorn
  9. Hi guys,here are some of the macro shot i managed to capture... Not perfect, but i tried my best. Stupid phone again cant capture colours. RadioActive Pocci: Purplish Blue Tenuis RadioActive Birdnest (Dense Branch Type ) Beautifully Coloured up Strawberry Shortcake by Kakani bro.
  10. @klyve:Thanks klyve bro for kind words. More pics coming up in 5 -10mins! @starfish123: Thats my fav resident in there to bro, it never fails to brightens up my tank. Cheers! Im trying on micro shots, but still fail to do so. But ive given it a try. will be posting it now.. Please give me feedbacks.
  11. Good Evening bro and sis, happen to have some time to spare today. So decided to snap some shots.. Enjoy your weekend:)
  12. For me, given it excellent parameters, 1months. Will colour up at least 60%
  13. Item reserved. Pending collection this sunday. Will let next in line kbow if buyer aeroplane. Thanks.
  14. Selling a 2 adult palm size orange monti@ $30 only! Location :tampines Contact: 94577231 WYSIWYG
  15. Bought 1.5months ago from another reefer. Very good buy because CONTROLLER JUST REPLACED 1.5MONTHS AGO WHEN REEFER SOLD IT TO ME. Planning to let go at $200
  16. Nice tank bro! Can pm me the price if ur algae scrubber?
  17. Good Evening bro/sis, Just a simple update on my tank progression. Also the difference in colouration between the previous update and this update. Can see much growth from many of my babies.. red and pink are popping up pretty well esp my plating milli which suffered from a heat stroke and turned brown. Can see obvious red tips. Purples are also doing well esp on my tenuis which my phone cam cant capture the colour. Pls give as much comments and feedbacks!!! Till next time............. Cheers!
  18. Bro is that s note a phone? U have a beautiful fibre optic.
  19. Hi bro, u at iwarna now? Do u know when is it arriving? As im on my way.
  20. Hi bro evo, dont have any intentions to hijack ur thread, but i think his just trying to comment on any nice tanks he see in order to up his post so that being able to post on the pasar malam .
  21. Hi , have the above for sale , the impeller is loose due to the backplate a bit ware off. For those who is interested,is great to get it as you can use/scavenge the usable parts inside incase in future u might get yours damaged too. Still workable if u can change the backplating or modify it by adding another ceramic washer. Planning to let go at $60 Contact : 94577231 Location : Tampines.
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