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  1. Hi bro james, noted, i will do my best to find time and take weekly shots of my tank. Haha. But pls forgive me if i dont have the timr to do so! Im also very excited in seeing the result of my tank in 6months! Cheers!
  2. Thanks bro kkk for your very kind words:) , yeah i do have some zoas, but i gave my friend some. I left with some red eagle eyes , eagle eyes , mohawk zoas and stardust. Haha . Noob collection as im not really into zoas. Most of them are with me at least 1.5months -2 months le. Most i brought from a colony. But most of them i can see very good and obvious growth. The youngest sps in my tank is abt 1 week old. Still learning alot though.
  3. Haha bro, thanks. But fyi i didnt " instand reef-ed" my tank with colonies. Did it quite slowly though. With me quite sometime le.
  4. Walao ehy bro. Dont like that say leh. My tank still a long long way to even compare to your tank. Your colouration top notch de leh. Still got lots to learn from you leh.. hahaha. Haha. Ok bro. Still a long way to go man! Btw your rabn is doing very well. Lots of new growth. Cheers. Hi bro admiraltian, thanks for correcting me. Last night a bit sleepy. Hence i read thing also read wrongly. Thanks for you kind words !! Cheers!
  5. Hi bro, thanks for the kind words. If you wan come over my place, i can pass u a frag of rose milli. Cheers. Noted bro. Thanks for reminding me that. Will check water params even regularly since i am having so many colonies now. Cheers!
  6. Bro that wave maker is a conch 60. Its wave is spreaded type of wave . All up down left right . So i dont have to tilt up. But will have ghe tilt up wave effect:) Thanks anyway bro!
  7. Good Evening , seniors/bro's/sis, Today i start a new thread to mark my 3rd Month of my tank. Also to let all of you see the 3 months of hard work, money and of course time spent on this tank. Although there might be some clashes between me and the seniors sometime last month, but i sincerely still hope that we src can still regard each other as bro and sis. Regardless of my mistakes and stubborness that i i had commited during the past. So let us Let Bygones be Bygones alright? Today i will be posting some close up shots taken as of last Saturday 06/07/13. Btw this date means alot to me
  8. Hi bro, Which are the ones youre refering to? Noted, Will refrain from adding anymore fishes.
  9. Noted bro, Thanks!!!
  10. Dear SRC, This is my latest FTS as requested by bro James. Pictures were taken as of 26th June 2013. Was really hardworking this weeks trying to battle the hair algae. So with all the seniors advise and suggestions given, i decided to go all out. This are the results. I don't hope to disappoint the seniors once again... So lets take a look at some pictures. Ohhh , btw please excuse the very "colorless tank " due to the shitty phone camera which doesn't seem to be able to capture the colors. Cheers.
  11. Agreed bro, to reduce the file size, basically i use com edit and make the image smaller right? Thanks bro.
  12. Bro cfoh, i will try to clear all caches method tonight. If problem still occur i resize pic. As my pic file size only 3.4mb. Not bigger then 8mb. Anyway , would try both methods. Thanks!
  13. Yes i am having error 500 bro. Bro cfoh, i tried all methods liao. Probably is the file size to big.
  14. Also, note that these zoad aren't purchased from 1 of the bro's that sold it recently. * In Case Of Misunderstanding * Cheers
  15. Frag 1 :- $15 Frag 2 :- $25 Frag 3 :- $20 Frag 4 :- $12 Frag 5 :- $25 *(Note that lights just on when taken) Contact @94577231
  16. Mods pls help resolve this problem. Thks
  17. Bro james, noted, when i get back home tonight after work, i'll take a FTS. Cheers
  18. Hi bro, I'd had actually went all out heeding the seniors last words of advice to me after that "incident" i have been doing regular water changes to my tank as well. Guess what, i no longer have those long and hairy algae anymore. Together with the help me my urchins. Hope that i's still be continued to be guided by them. Cheers.
  19. Lastly, those mistakes that i have commited, there wont be the next time. Happy Reefing seniors .
  20. Thanks bro,sis , but i have to admit that some mistakes had been repeated b4. Thats what that irritate the seniors. I will forget about the selling part and just be a neutral reefer from now. As said, action speakd louder then words. I will do my best to keep those livestocks that i had purchased in the best condition possible. Once again, Apologies. @Kayakkite, Agree on your last sentence . Thanks for the teaching. Hope to learn more if your teachings if possible.
  21. Im So sorry seniors. I still hope for forgiveness and can we move on and continue refibg hapilly?
  22. No other motives . As said earlier. Wont even dare sell frags in future. Once again bros im sorry.
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