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  1. Hi bro/sis, ive changed my phone and accidentally deleted all contacts. Lost many good bro's contact here. Would therefore seek for your help and message me @ the number below together with your name for THOSE who know me and regarded me as bro. Thanks. Hope to retrieve all contacts as I really treasure the brothers here:)

    Below are some of the bros that I will really want their number. If you see this thread, pls contact me:





    Contact me @ 94577231


  2. DE LIGHTINGS 6X39W IS BACK FOR SALES @$250/- This very irresponsible reefer simply just say the timing which doesnt even match my schedule, but just because of him i rushed back home and sacrificed my family day with my gf. Ended up, during meet up, he even asked me for a cheaper price when a gie away price is alr given to him. Complain this complain that about my set. On the phone spend time explaining what is his enquiry end ended up with a " I THINK I GIVE IT A MISS " BEWARE THIS NUMBER :83708368

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