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  1. I’ve never believed in hype and paid / “sponsored” reviews. Someone should do a proper test and comparison to decide once and for all if their products live up to the hype they have been given by the reefing community ... anyone wants to sponsor ?
  2. Nox

    Ian's 8

    Recently got a standalone solenoid for my calcium reactor. Reason for adding this: I used to run my co2 for 24 hours a day, but ph was quite low at night at around 7.6 measured in the morning before lights on. Now the co2 comes on only during lights on hours and the ph has went up by 0.1 to 7.7 at night. The brand of the solenoid is dennerle and should be very reliable as it is actually made in Germany. Furthermore, I can use my simple and durable tunze regulator! No need to change regulator if the solenoid fails too. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Nox

    Ian's 8

    Sorry for multiple posts via Tapatalk. The bottom right hand is a peristaltic pump I was playing around with to feed my calcium reactor. Now I changed to a solenoid as the pump cannot keep up with the flow Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. Nox

    Ian's 8

    There's a door. It's clear so I can see inside Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. Nox

    Ian's 8

    Also made a heavy duty aluminium profile cupboard / enclosure for my sump. Rust and moisture resistant, and can see everything inside like a museum exhibit [emoji16] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. Nox

    Ian's 8

    Some updates for my corals Started using B balance daily PIF daily Zeospur weekly 50% dose for now And just decided to set my lights everything including uv 100% , red green 0%. 7 hour peak , 2 hour ramp on and off Think the Colours have improved especially the blues, probably due to the PIF With zeospur2, the brown cast on most of the sps has lightened too ! The sunset Mille looks more yellow and the brownish cast on the purple / blue stag on my lower right side has improved slightly. Will continue to monitor. Also I think I must start adding more iron , as my ssc doesn't look so gr
  7. This is what the alert shows if power or network is cut off in your house Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. Can get it from kens shop , think fresh n marine also has Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. My first review contribution! So here is my story: After setting up my tank, everything has been running smoothly and the tank can basically be left on autopilot for weeks at a time. But what happens when I am out of the house or on holiday? How would I know that everything is running ok? Everyone knows what happens when your chiller fails or your power trips, and its usually not pretty. I have been looking for a cheaper alternative to the Apex controller system ($1k+++!) and a more fuss free solution compared to the iSocket (requires SIM card) and was recommended this product by my
  10. Nox

    Ian's 8

    Changed my new light program and increased intensity, so far shows great improvement in size of my LPS and leathers at the sand bed level. I need to measure the par again to see if i can boost the levels even further. The theory of this as used by david saxby is that the peaks will allow the coral to "rest" in between, to prevent over saturation during photosynthesis... Basically it is to allow higher peak par levels without burning the corals, especially good for deeper tanks. Main lighting period is for 5 hours with 4 peaks at 1/2 hour intervals. At each peak i am running my hydra 52hd at al
  11. Nox

    Ian's 8

    Following the legendary tanks
  12. Nice tank and nice meeting you that day!
  13. Nox

    Ian's 8

    Yup i just rigged some aluminium foil , need to make a hood soon
  14. Nox

    Ian's 8

    Been a few months and i haven't got time to update, but here is how everything is coming along. Here is some technical info to get those guys into equipment a bit excited Got the sump working and everything in. From left to right the stuff i got, 1. Return pumps Abyzz A400 , A200 2. Vertex FR 2.5 for rowaphos 3. Vertex dosing pump. Only dosing additives / trace at the moment, after setting up my CR. 4. Skimmer deltec sc2560 5. FR for biopellets 6. Ozone 200mg/h 7. 40w UV 8. Schuran jetstream 1 calcium reactor. Caribsea ARM media and ~
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