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  1. Actually your tank quite pack already with Yt and coral beauty and with damsel too. Recently i had successful add a flame angel with establish purple tang and 4 line wrasse. Ensure the add fish is eating at lfs and put an isolate box inside ur tank with a square black plastic cupboard. Upon load my flame inside, both of them start to attack but luckily onto the isolate box and the flame hide inside the black square box. After 1 week, I see both fish start to get bored and the flame start to swim inside the isolate box freely and eating well. After 2 week, I release it and it survive. You may try as this method is less stress to the flame before introduce into establish tank with mate.
  2. I still think ur phosphate level is still high. I was also get my tank ready to stock sps. During my tank with po4 0.5, there is algae on rock n wall but upon drop to 0.2, algae not seen in dt. Im using ats to export the excess nutrient out of tank. Ur rock with algae as the lr leeching out and you have not completely export out the nutrient and it remain inside ur tank and promote algae. Try look into effective nutrient export and keep stable kh.
  3. Not expert but you mention there is a lot of green hair algae in ur tank mean there is phosphate and it promote algae grow. Sps need low po4 and wonder what test kit did you use.
  4. Basic filteration with HOF still require even small tank. Pls think before comment as it will misled TS.
  5. Ts say Want To Find lah. Ur mind a bit slant la. Haha.
  6. Let the tank run for another 2 weeks. Put some bacteria in daily help speed up the cycle. Be patient. To keep LPS, it depend on what is ur tank temp. If 30 deg, it may survive but color will lost and it wouldn't open much.
  7. Play safe u can use vinegar to clean the chiller. Mix with water and run few hrs from out to in and then run with water only to have final clean. Google it and you will find the detail method.
  8. Bro, u need to disclose price with new rules effect July 2014 or thread subject to remove.
  9. Check if you have lost the rubber in front of the impeller during your service.
  10. I like see active fish swimming so brought purple tang and 4 line wrasse as it browse LR very neat. With 2ft tank, it quite limited. Pls dont buy blue tang as its super active (aka idiot fish)
  11. Bring ur wife to lfs to choose. Maybe she will support u to change bigger tank when see AT. Haha. Each has own preference.
  12. Keep them 2 to 4 weeks and observe closely for any ich and slow down LS adding. Let ur system stable down with current load.
  13. After scaping, got 1 pc 1ft LR $10. Pls PM. Free from copper & pest.
  14. It's a common behaviour of marine fish. If you see the small one always get bully, you should isolate the big one until the small one able to adapt to your tank environment. You may start to study the marine fish compatibility. Upon the clown fish establish their territory, even your hand also they attack if they feel threaten.
  15. The best way is remove the hermit crab and put new fish to test. There are many reason for new fish died and they may gather for the feast only.
  16. If you intend to buy p04 test kit, i recommed to buy hanna better. The normal test kit wouldn't give you correct result even salifert. For sps, control phosphate is important and you will surprise the result between hanna n salifert as it happen to me. Diy the upflow ATS for nano tank would be a long term solution or you may try reactor with FM ultraphos but need to slowly bring down the phosphate as it will shock your coral.
  17. Refractormeter sold. Sorry for bro's who didn't receive PM reply. Brightwell Elemental still available.
  18. Used Refractormeter - $10 (Some stain but working condition) Brightwell elemental - $15 (Not open yet - Brought wrongly) Pls PM if interested.
  19. Maybe you can breakdown to individual price for easy sales. $250 can buy 2 fragssssss of strawberry shortcake already.
  20. Bro, your countermeasure very shiong. LOL. Later the tank completely without nutrient then coral start to ask for help.
  21. Pardon for my lousy photo as taken by note only. This is the red i get using T5.
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