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  1. For coral grow, maxspect itself should do the work. I myself add 2 t5 is to boost the color of the coral. Now is using coral plus and purple plus. Others color spectrum should maxspect have.
  2. Selling new unused water purifier canistor come with 5 micron sediment filter $30. PM to deal.
  3. If I would you, I would go for not the cheapest set up as when LS die, you will be heart pain. Go for reasonable set up and get cheap LS to kick start instead.
  4. Thanks for advice. I will check it out.
  5. My reactor top cover was crack and looking to buy the top cover if you have any spoilt unit or whole unit. Kindly pm and i will get back to u asap as out of sg this weekend.
  6. Like to buy some T5 accessories to try DIY. If you have any of this which not in use, kindly pm. 1) Elbiru 2x24w eballast 2) Individual Reflector (prefer by DE) 3) End cap (waterproof type)
  7. It depend on ur set up. Etc you run biopellet, dosing additives and you need the skimmer to filter out the excess. If your system is depend natural method like Dsb,ats,cheato, you may try.
  8. Any bro know where can buy this in sg. http://www.joejaworski.com/jebao/details.html
  9. Hi, i take the orchid and sankeyi dottyback.
  10. Someone offer him/her $180 but still bump to fetch higher $$.
  11. It was magnet suction.
  12. You can search this forum for the diy pipe. Im using 20mm overflow and 16mm return. The length need to measure ur tank height. The siphon will not break using pipe but very noisy. I buy a valve to control and its completely silent. I pm you the photo of mine tonight for some guide but u better read more to understand. Pipe and connector can buy from normal hardware shop.I ever consider drill hole but is abt $70 exclude piping or corner box which easily more than $150 and you also need to add turso piping to reduce noise level.
  13. Crab dont appear if got light. Try off all ur light during midnight and spot it using torch light during midnight.
  14. Should not be the shrimp since it was cleaner shrimp. Look out for crab. Maybe during the tang fish sleeping until blur blur then attack by crab.
  15. You may try diy overflow pipe. I using now and there is no concern of siphon break as l tested multiple time. 2ft sump will not be very big after u put in skimmer, fr, media, refugium and returm pump.
  16. Change water is unavoidable especially small tank. It just like our stomach where water and food go in and there is nothing come out and what will happen. Even if ur system put with all necessary equipment to keep the water condition, it will need beat change of water. Do remember our tank is very small compare with ocean.
  17. With your tank, just change water weekly and dont waste money on skimmer. If you upgrade to 2ft, then consider skimmer. Both skimmer is too big for your tank. All skimmer should work well except those using air stone which performance not so good. Usually buy oversize abt 2x of your tank will do and not necessary go hunt for so call the best performance skimmer unless your pocket very deep.
  18. $100 for 4 mainly mushroom, gonio, torch, brain, gsp and so on. Abt 10 tanks to choose.
  19. Selling as upgrade to higher capacity pump. Still have 4 months warranty and test upon collection if interested. Looking to sell at $125. PM for deal at West side.
  20. Fr30 is taiwan brand. Gfo n biopellet cannot together. This fr mainly for biopellet. Google for recommended pump but ehiem 1000 with chiller n fr definitely not enough. As i remember fr30 need more that 1000l/hr to make sure biopellet tumbling well.
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