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  1. Selling multi branch Setosa monti - $40, 2.5" Sunset monti - $60, Rainbow monti - $35 & 2.5" True percula clown - $15. Collection at Jurong west and Pm for deal.
  2. Like to buy as mention or if you going to order something from Isocket, kindly let me know. Pls pm if available.
  3. Selling 2 years old Hailea HS-52A (1/6hp) chiller for $200. Actual usage is only 1 year as swap with my other chiller every 6 months for maintenance. Radiator fin condition as new.
  4. Thanks for Pm's. Sunset, Setosa and Rainbow sold. Remaining chili pepper.
  5. PM for deal and collection at West. 1) 2" Sunset - $50 2) Setosa - $20 3) 2" Chili pepper - $15 4) Rainbow - $15
  6. Thanks for pm's. Currently reserved.
  7. Selling about 4" melanurus wrasse for $10. PM and deal at Jurong West.
  8. Selling red mandarin fish for $5. Collect at Jurong West and pm for deal. Recommend reefer with mature tank with good population of pods.
  9. Selling over 2 palm size red monti for $50. Deal at West and pm for deal.
  10. Selling for $20 and size is 2 palm upon fully open. Collection at Jurong and PM for deal.
  11. Want above for size of 30"x30". Pls pm to discuss if you have extra.
  12. Check for nutrient and light requirement.
  13. It's better let the qualified technician for the troubleshooting. Even you know where the problem, it was quite difficult to repair without needed component & tools. Let them check and quote you for the repairing to justified whether to buy new one. If your fan working and yet not cold, most likely compressor issue or leaking.
  14. Different is just with ro. U still can get tds 0 with just di resin plus normal filter n carbon.
  15. I have about 55gal and abt $50 for electrical but need to use cost saving equipment like led light, dc pump and so. If you dont want to have waste water, u could use di only if ur water change volume is not so much. Di exhaust faster than ro but no waste water.
  16. Selling this fish as it nip my sps for $60. Keep 5 months and eating well of pellet & mysis. PM for deal and collection at Jurong west.
  17. Put mirror at the tank side wall. If the PT go for it, the new added fish will have some time to get well in ur tank.
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