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  1. Hi bro, i am keen on the anemone, could you whatsapp me at 8218 0808? Thanks.
  2. Hi bro, i am keen, can whatsapp me at 82180808
  3. Hi bro, i just pmed you. Can pls whatsapp me at 82180808 to discuss?
  4. Hi, i am keen on sow4 n im magnet cleaner, pls whatsapp me at 8218 0808. Thanks!
  5. Hi bro, may i have the xenia pls? Pls text me at 8218 0808. Tks
  6. Hi bro, i am keen on your bubble coral, pls whatsapp me at 8218 0808. Tks.
  7. Hi guys, please let me know if you chaeto to spare, preferably north/northeast area. Thanks!
  8. Giving away healthy fish in pic abt 7cm, not sure if it is a blenny or goby and yellow tail damsel. Collection in sengkang this weekend. Note: fishes currently in hyposalinity in my quarantine tank. PM me if keen.
  9. ABA told me it is a kind of blenny, but you are right it might be a goby
  10. Bought this blenny 6-7cm long from ABA last weekend for $12, change of mind and decide to sell away at $10 and foc yellow tail damsel to buyer. Collection in sengkang this weekend. Please pm me if keen. Thanks!
  11. Hi bro, keen on your monti. PMed you.
  12. It is my fish in a newly cycled tank, not flashing, eat n swim as per normal hence not sure if it is ick. If ick, guess i will need to go into fallow for a period. If lymph, will just leave it.
  13. Hi guys, Appreciate your help to ID the white stuff on RG's tail fin. Is it ick, lympho or other disease? Thanks!
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