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  1. Selling queen angel 4.5-5 inches. In quarantine for 1 mth under hyposalinty n 2rds of prazi gold treatment. Asking $180, collection in sengkang. Please text me at 8218 0808 if keen. Thanks. 20210402_123458.mp4
  2. Hi guys, anyone has juvenile blue face or queen angel (less than 4 inches) for sale or seen any for sale in LFS? Thanks!
  3. Regal angel reserved for xxxx 8216
  4. Hi, can pls WA me at 82180808?
  5. Hi bros, i bought 3 blue regal tangs last sat, change of plans n decided to sell 2. Less than 2 inches, healthy n eating mysis n pellets. In quarantine in hypo (1.009) since last sat n underwent 1 rd of prazi gold. Selling $30 each, pls whatsapp me at 8218 0808 if keen for videos. Collection in sengkang. Thanks!
  6. Hi bro, i am keen on the anemone, could you whatsapp me at 8218 0808? Thanks.
  7. Hi bro, i am keen, can whatsapp me at 82180808
  8. Hi bro, i just pmed you. Can pls whatsapp me at 82180808 to discuss?
  9. Hi, i am keen on sow4 n im magnet cleaner, pls whatsapp me at 8218 0808. Thanks!
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