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  1. Reserved with deposit. Mod pls close thread thanks.
  2. Selling away my Maxspect Gyre XF130 for $200. 2 months old. PM if interested. Collection at Bukit Batok.
  3. more than 10 packs have been collected on sunday! a few more packs to go! feel free to drop me a pm and u can collect it on monday.
  4. kindly pm me and i will pass u my address. thank you bros!
  5. I have leave the bags outside my house. Kindly PM me your number and i will pass u my address. Thank you bro. Just returning the favor to the community
  6. Harvesting my chaeto! Can harvest about 10-15 bags! First come first serve! I will just leave packs of chaeto outside my house from tomorrow 11am onwards. As i wont be home, u can just come and collect, take as many bags as u want. Location will be at Bukit Batok St 25. PM me if you are interested and i will pass you my full adress. If i can pack more than 15 bags, i will update here.
  7. NSW is a risk... I wonder why corals are still thriving in the open sea with NSW. Or wait... Was there any reefer going to the ocean doing 10% WC with synthetic salt? Now im mindfucked...
  8. PM me if keen and i will pass you my friend's phone number.
  9. Selling on behalf of a friend... Condition 8/10 (still in great condition except for the exosmart driver, refer to 2nd pic) Retail Price: $330++ Selling Price: $180 Non-nego Check out online on the details & functions as i wont be explaining on this. Delivery can be discussed. Do PM me if you are interested and i will pass you his number through personal message. I HAVE NO RIGHTS TO DISCUSS PRICE ETC AS IM POSTING THIS ON BEHALF OF A FRIEND.
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