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  1. saw their website. But cant seem to find the reactor though.
  2. Hi guys. Was just wondering where can i get a zeovit reactor? Just a small size reactor for my 2 feet cube tank. Would like to start on Zeovit system. thanks!
  3. Nice idea there! Would surely make ur house look nice and neat.
  4. Hi Arron. Welcome to the salty side of fishkeeping. If u decided to just have clownfish in your nano, chiller is not required.
  5. seems fine. i have been handling my tux urchin with bare hands since day 1.
  6. my chiller also over power my 2 ft cube bro.
  7. Been in the situation before. Decided to ignore it coz i have the believe it will start crawling back out. But by the time i decided to check it out (hiding behind rock), its too late and its dying.
  8. Hi bro. Same like u, i just jumped from FW to marine. First of all, welcome to the club! 1) You can buy live rocks almost everywhere. Pasir ris farmway, Jalan Bahar, etc. Theres so many shops selling live rocks and sands. Some bro here also do sell of their live rock! (i do have a large rock if u want hehe) 2) Im still new, so im just sharing my media. Im only running biohomme plus which i brought over from my FW back then. 3) Some fish farms do sell NSW. etc Iwatna, Ah beng, Jireh so on.. For the advise on the "cheapest" set up, i used to be like u. Always wanted to have the cheapest set up. But end up i splurge alot AT THE BEGINNING, and now im reaping the rewards. You can try readong up the thread i started on "Cheapest set up" to get a rough idea how our other bros run their cheap set up successfuly. Hope my advice help u. Cheers!
  9. swee tank bro. how about equipments wise? wat equipment are u running? just skimmer and chiller?
  10. Polyart doest carry this. i believe freshnmarine do have it.
  11. hey bro. just out of curiosity so thats why i started this thread. Not because im following their footstep to set up the cheapest set up of my own. Im just curious how far one can go to successfully setting up a chepest set up thats all. And yes i do have a set up of my own.
  12. true that! thats if we live near the sea. im looking for people who is currently running a cheap and successful set up.
  13. wow! that takes discipline to take care of that tank!
  14. Hi guys. Was just wondering out of curiosity, what is the cheapest set up you have seen or is running currently? With that being said, SPS in the tank is still blooming and grow very well. Just curious how basic one can go on their set up with a healthy water parameters cause i somehow believe we dont really need high end product to have a blooming tank? So any basic se up to share?
  15. thanks for the advice. but how do we calculate to see if it is enough?
  16. Hey bros. Just wondering how do we need that a particular skimmer is enough for tanks? Im running a 2ft cube tank and using a BM NAC 3.5 skimmer. Upon looking at other tanks of the bros here, it got me realise that i think my skimmer MIGHT be small. Anyways, im upgrading to a 3x3x2 soon and i was wondering can i use this existing skimmer to support the tank? or which skimmer is sufficient? Thanks!
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