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  1. Finally, Brent it's good to see the start of your new tank thread From the look of the BTA, water condition looks reasonably good. The overflow valve looks cool ! But why do you need it for ?
  2. Very good advise. Sweet Short and Sharp to the point.
  3. Thanks bro I thought better take a shot of these beauties for memory while am still able to bring out their colors
  4. +1 Most SPS would turn brown with insufficient lighting, especially light loving SPS such as those thick branching acros like staghorns, humillis etc There are some exception where colors can still be maintain under very low lightings, one classic example would be the radioactive birdnest. Also, there seems to be a somewhat direct relationship on the nutrient levels vis a vis lighting level that affects the final outcome of SPS color. Simply put it, the higher the nutrient level, the higher amount of lightings is required to retain the color. But this is only true when the nutrient level is not at excessive high level. Other important factors such as Kh, trace elements, lighting spectrum, flow, Sg level would also play a part in determining the coloration / color intensity of SPS as well. All these factors form a complex inter-relationship that makes up the final outcome. Many good reading materials can be found in the internet with regards to this areas.
  5. I am assuming that your question isolate the relationship between PE and lightings alone. From my experience, there is little evidence to suggest that PE has a direct relationship with lightings ( within the resonable light requirement for any sps ). Hence given the correct environment all SPS should have good PE especially during night time. But in the case where little or no light is given, it's almost a sure thing that any SPS would slowly waste off, a matter of time. No hair ??? I think ah girl ( or Mr handsome ) you are referring to little or no PE ya I am pretty sure that if you dont see any PE during both daytime and during lightings off, that SPS is not doing well. Sometime certain SPS has a timid nature and tend to show little PE as compare to others such as mille. But it should show some PE during night time. There are so many reasons why a supposedly healthy looking SPS with good PE suddenly looses it's interest to show PE. Poor water condition, flow, pest are just some of the more common known issues...along with some reasons that's unknown to us as well.
  6. Polyp extention (PE) is one of the sure sign of good health. Brown SPS with good PE does not necessary mean it's in bad shape, the common reasons are excessive nutrient and insufficient lightings... happens in the wild too. With proper husbandry, SPS usually gets good PE and color, that's the most ideal situation for reefer ( except in the case where too much PE mask off the body color ). In the event of good color and no/little PE, it could be a distress sign of water parameter / lightings being out of range. The color may seems like you are having a healthy SPS but it could be on its way to deteoriation...slowly at most. So if you are getting good PE, congratulate yourself that you are having a healthy sps, color wise may not be there but that's where the challenge of SPS lies...get it to color up
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