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  1. thanks for the concern everyone Guess i dare not keep sea urchin anymore
  2. I just did the hot water treatment mention by Fuel , currently feeling alright the pain is not as painful as just now anymore . This is the species , hopefully its not poison ? http://img607.imageshack.us/i/vdfdf.png/'>
  3. me the area where i pull out the needle is a bit black now , is it normal ?
  4. thanks guy for the information , kind of scared just now first time touching all these marine creatures
  5. need help urgently as this is my first time touching marine creature , i just got stung by the Sea Urchin , i accidentally touch the sea urchin needle and the needle got stuck in my finger and i quickly pull it out and i feel very painful now . Is there any poison do i need to consult the doctor asap ? Thanks for reading and helping .
  6. Thanks bro Evolutionz for the advise and suggest Is there any photo of the Bubble magus E3 skimmer ? As i don't know anything regarding marine skimmer what us the price range for this Bubble magus E3 ? For wavemaker for my tank size , 3000L is it overkill or i need what size of wavemaker for my tank ?
  7. Hi guys , I have been keep fresh water since i was young , i'm quite into marine just have don't confidence to move forward until today i finally take the first step since my wife quite keen with marine fishes too . I hope i can get some help in my 2ft setup . Currently the equipment i have on hand from my fw are , 2ft x 1ft x 1ft tank Mr Aqua OHF or HOF or eheim 2213 ? 2ft aquazonic t5 24watt x 2 12000k (white) can i use this but change 1 tube to blue ? biohome plus (red) mr aqua cr ( can i reuse my fw media ?) I'm planning to use the above equipment to kick start my first marine journey, wish to start a simple setup with the above without sump tank . So what equipment i still need ? Not into high end setup just a budget and simple setup for my starting journey . Bare or Sand better ? My planning fauna will be, 2 clown fish 2 sea horse 2 pipe fish 2 lobster 1 blue tang and a few of these $5 soft flower coral , what are they call ? Thanks everyone for taking your time and effort to read and reply .
  8. hi bro care to share where you got your strawberry crab from ?
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