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  1. Bro honkit, thanks for sharing your experience. I might look out for the beauty again. Cheers
  2. Bro, my tank just a small collections of frags. Cheers
  3. Thank you honkit. Can you share more on this beauty requirement? Cheers
  4. Silly me" I may need to put on an eyeglass.lol Yt, we may have to look out for this beauty on the next shipment. Cheers
  5. Yt' thats A.horrida. I had lost my echinata two months ago during a chemical warfare in my tank. Echinata is truly an challenge!
  6. With Passion and Patience, get around to learn frm sps senior, one day you will master the skill. You may need to get some more antidote"sps" to encounter the poison. Im using 7sets of my self-customize full spectrum Par38 & one se250w mh. Those deepwater acro are the few shipment frm lck. Hopefully more deepwater acro will be coming to our shore again.
  7. Maintain good water parameter and weekly feeding of corals foods.
  8. Hopefully our LFS can bring in this rainbow gonio to satisfy everyone
  9. Sure bro Kakani, you're most welcome
  10. Still culturing this rainbow gonio bro Kakani, will update you soon.
  11. My Zoanthids/Palythoa collections
  12. Omg' this is soft coral forum! My mistake post this section, lps' gonio!
  13. Dig up an old gems thread Sharing my rainbow gonio pic.
  14. Polar Ice Caps left last frag. whatsapp/text me at 92261808.
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