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  1. Nabei, why neber invite me to cut red ribbon for u. lol.
  2. u are bidding for 2pcs of mh bulb. both bulbs fire abt 8 hrs a day. good for at least 5-6 month of use. bulb 1-abt 3 months old bulb 2-abt 2 weeks old start at $1. close friday, 27/7 2359hr. self collect at sengkang. u are bidding for both bulbs together.
  3. Winner is Xiaochew. Xiaochew, pls PM me yr contact number to arrange for collection. Thanks and congras.
  4. No reserve price, bid closed 25/7/07, 2359hr
  5. The above for bid. Start at $1. Healthy and feeding on mysis. Now in beta box. Reason for selling: Its been bullied by other larger wrasses in the tank. Bot from LFF few months ago. Self collect at Jurong East. Size abt 2". No reserve price. Bid to close:25/07/07 PS: I reserve the right to this bid.
  6. No reserved price. Highest bid wins. Self collect at sengkang.
  7. length-118cm..light coverage up to 2.5 feet width no problem.
  8. The above for bid. Starting at $100. Bid to close at 06 Jul 2359. Package includes: Diamond reflector-2 Qty Light Stand Magnetic ballast-2 Qty (Not shown in pic) 3 months old XM 250w Single ended bulb-2 Qty (not shown in pic) Will notify winner thru bid. Plug and play. I reserve all right to this bid.
  9. Have the above for sale, similar to the the attached pics. One male (green colour) and one female(orange belly). Selling each for $45. Feeding on mysis. Now fish inside betta box, can collect anytime in Sengkang. Pls PM me yr number so that I can contact u. Pics from wetwebmedia.
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