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  1. Hi, i have a adult bluface Stable close to 3 years. Around 8 inches you keen ? selling 150$
  2. Power leh you bro 3 large queen together soon. Cheers
  3. You welcome bro may I know how long have you kept your larger sohal ? Cheers
  4. Nice queen Belize queen ? Many fishes They look healthy Cheers
  5. Bro , understand that your Midas Benny is stable but 100$ a bit ex in my opinion Cheers
  6. I have 2 emperors but different size in 6 foot for a year now..if you have a chance to find a pair which is rare , yes you can keep 2 Cheers
  7. Agressive fishes good luck for your offer Cheers
  8. Try one at least : french or queen 5/6 inches at least haha Cheers
  9. Hi bro if you want to order one theses fishes , they came from Mexico , carribean so just make a request from your LFS .. Then next shipment they should be able to bring for you Cheers
  10. Hi bro the pic post by Gideon is a treadfin lookdown aka : Selene vomer grow until 45-50cm Max The pic post by Dracula : diamond travelly Different fishes but same species just to clarify to avoid misunderstanding Cheers
  11. Clown tang, Vlamingi, 2 blu tang, achilles tang, naso tang, bariene tang, unicorn tang, purple tang..purple hard to spot turning around lol Cheers
  12. White snow patch gone good leh bro actually the is not really stress mostly likely scratch against your rock , stress mark look different. Good luck Cheers
  13. Nice fishes and nice scaping this time : this is it Cheers
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