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  1. Will placing a mirror help? I placed 2 pocket mirrors at either end of my tank and it resulted in my clowns and damsel admiring themselves all day long.. kinda amusing to watch
  2. how do I properly introduce new fishes into a tank with existing fishes? I know the existing fishes have already established territories in the tank (and rocks) and will aggressively defend their place. I have observed that the fatality rate of my newly introduced fishes are rather high, they either stave themselves or hide in a corner all of the time. I usually water acclimatize new fishes first before putting them in the tank (fish in floating basket for about 1hour). Recently I resort to resetting liverocks placement so that the turf war will (hopefully) be reset - this is working well so far. Do I need to reset my rock placement each time a new fish comes in? What other ways can I safely integrate new fishes? Thanks
  3. they have a small section of marine stuff. mostly FW thou. But their showcase tank is worth the trip in!
  4. Yyup this is the same situation.. But my tank stabilizing already I think.. Algae blooming rate is slowing. Just a check - Ah Beng is which one? is it AquaEmpire (opposite C2)?
  5. Gotcha now crabbie. Look at its sharp claws! Murderer of 3 cleaner shrimps! Trapped it with a glass jar with bits of shrimps
  6. Mr crabs decides to migrate to another hole after I disturbed it yesterday.. No catch from my trap this morning. I'll drop a juicy prawn into the trap later when im home. @Liquidnoise - Sure let me see if I want the crab if not I'll pass it to you.
  7. hehe i have just set one up with a glass jar. no market prawn yet.. just sprinkled some pallets for now..
  8. bump. Anyone has a method to lure out the crab please. I think it is attacking my zoa..
  9. Any suggested trapping method? It looks like it barely ever left its crab hole..
  10. Few days ago I discovered a hairy leg poking slightly out of a hole in the live rock it turns out to be a living thing. I have also discovered that my clean shrimps are starting to get murdered one by one.. So I took out the carcass of a cleaner shrimp, tied it to a fish line and lowered it in front of the crab hole. True enough, the about 2 inch crab came out and grabbed the piece of meat. I did a search on other forums and the below picture is the closest similar picture of the crab. Any one can ID what it is and its temperament? I wish to have cleaner shrimps in my tank but first I need to get this guy out.. any ideas?
  11. Cichlid Forever at Kovan? I did a quick google search and it seemed that they closed down.. Anyone can confirm?
  12. Yes its a relatively new tank, about a month. Thanks! I will try to get those snails. Any recommendation on where to get there? I usually get my livestock from Iwarna but not sure whether they have snails for sale
  13. Hi all, Kinda new to this forum. Recently ventured into SW after swimming in FW for awhile. Got poisoned by my experienced uncle to start my own SW tank! Quick question: How do you guys cope with algae? For now I am doing weekly-biweekly water change plus glass cleaning. What other ways to reduce their growth rate? Any algae eating SW fishes / shrimps? My livestocks for now are 1x blue tang, 1x yellow tang, 2x peculia clown, 2x black damsel and 2x cleaner shrimp in a 3ft tank. Cheers!
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