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  1. hi all ... i just added new biosphere media into the setup. I use them with a reactor together with rowaphos in a seperate reactor of course. I ntoice that the biosphere are turning red. is this normal?
  2. i have those on my tank too
  3. I am also dosing the reef resh now. I am using the biopellet and rowaphos at the same time. My tank is severely over stock. So I am overskimming running a skimmer that is x4 Reccomended load. I am dosing the genesis and fuel without turning off the skimmer . I am just curious qill my skimmer skim out all the bacteria and fuel?
  4. Hi acacia.. where do you buy the ebiko. Most of the shop sell fish egg which have already been soak on vinegar
  5. I also have very similar setup. I m using 2 canister filter. Constant struggle with algea.
  6. I am having the same problem on my nano. Does algone work?
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