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  1. supeter please grab the deal !
  2. Plenty of rosy scale wrasse and exquisite wrasse available too , but poor photography skills unable to capture their nice colours ...
  3. 5litres of high grades resin can di how many litres of water ? I think this what the above reefer trying to ask ? ...
  4. Can share what will be the flow rate for this ?
  5. NewAquamarin - Bali shipment( corals & fishes) have touched down .... Enjoy reefing and weekends ...
  6. Care to share , What's the 2 blue based angel ID ? Safe for sps tank
  7. no pro advice ?? Still waiting for someone to advise
  8. this is One of the Beautiful tanks in this forum ...
  9. Dear all pro / users. Please kindly comments on the brand of additional coloring vitamins/ colour elements which you find them works well in your SPS tank : brand LPS tank : brand Mixed Reef tank : brand may these information benefits all here
  10. Sis , clown tang pellet trained , not easy to find
  11. All These 25L jerry can ? Just Checking
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